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The Bullish case for Aussie Gold Shares

By Greg Canavan | March 5, 2015

This is why I continue to be bullish on Aussie gold shares. Not simply because the gold price remains above its moving averages. That’s only one piece of the puzzle…

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A Bearish Nightmare For Stocks

By Bill Bonner | March 5, 2015

US stocks fell yesterday. The Dow dropped 85 points, or 0.5%. No biggie. The biggie is still ahead. Our guess is the smart money is selling to the dumb money.

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Global fortune

What is the Government Planning for Your Superannuation Now…?

By Kris Sayce | March 5, 2015

An attacked on your superannuation savings is just the start. What’s really happening is the beginning of all-out class warfare…

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Superannuation: Now They Want You to Work Longer for Less

By Kris Sayce | March 3, 2015

Now superannuation is a ‘national asset’. It’s not surprising that politicians and lobby groups have given it that new identity.

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Gold bars

Why I’m Banging the Drum on Gold Stocks

By Greg Canavan | February 20, 2015

No one else is really taking about this right now, and this is the first time I’ve banged the drum about gold stocks in years. I hope you get something out of it…

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Want to Sleep Better at Night? Here’s How

By Bill Bonner | February 3, 2015

Cash may be especially unhelpful when credit is expanding.. But it may be especially useful when the credit contraction begins.

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Stock Market Analyze

Running with the Bullish Stock Market

By Callum Newman | February 25, 2015

If investors can’t get reliable and significant income from the long term bond market, they’ll have no choice but to keep looking to the stock market.

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greece flag_lge

Greece: Seven Years to Nowhere

By Callum Newman | February 28, 2015

Greece does itself no favours when they have a government who needs money and a people who don’t want to pay any tax.

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