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Featured »


From Commodore Vanderbilt to Silicon Prairie

By Callum Newman | January 31, 2015

Blackstone has been buying real estate in recent years all over the world as well, quite profitably it seems.

Financial Markets »

Stock market report with bull and bear

The Dow Jones: The 2015 Equities Bull Market has Begun

By Jason Stevenson | January 27, 2015

Caution remains for the next two weeks — we may still see a sharp stock market correction before the bull market truly unleashes. I’ll explain…

Australian Economy »


Australian Dollar: The Return of the Pacific Peso

By Greg Canavan | January 30, 2015

In overnight trade, the Australian dollar fell more than one cent against the greenback, which is a massive decline in the world of foreign exchange.

Investing »


The Bushko CarCap Value explains why Tesla is a Horrific Investment

By Sam Volkering | January 30, 2015

I do like Tesla as a company. They’re a necessary part of a competitive market…. But as an investment?

Gold & Precious Metals »

gold currencies_lge

Why Did the Gold Price Fall Today?

By Greg Canavan | January 30, 2015

Gold in US dollar terms fell nearly $30 an ounce, or nearly 2%. In Aussie dollar terms, the fall wasn’t as harsh. This is because the Aussie dollar fell against the US dollar too.

Currencies »


Will Australia join the Currency Wars?

By Greg Canavan | January 23, 2015

Central banks everywhere are trying to devalue their currencies. They’re trying to destroy the value of money in the vain hope of creating economic growth…

Commodities »

oil refinery resize medium

ISIS and the Oil Riches of Arabia

By Callum Newman | January 28, 2015

If US ground troops are committed to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, it will be to protect the oil fields in the East. Saudi Arabia is a glittering prize…

Global Economy »


Invasion of the ‘Zombie Crazies’

By Bill Bonner | January 30, 2015

Zombie populations (people who live at others’ expense – some disabled… some crazy… and some very clever people) are multiplying.

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