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Forget the Medibank Private Float: Why You Should Keep Your Eye on the Japan Post IPO

By Callum Newman | November 26, 2014

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Japan Post will be something to watch in 2015. When it floats next year, it will be one of the biggest privatisations of all time.

Financial Markets »


History not on the Side of this Bull Market

By Vern Gowdie | November 25, 2014

History tells us extended bull markets, with excess credit and euphoria driving them, end with a significant downside…that’s losses of 50% or more.

Australian Economy »

Australian flag_lge

Australia, You’re Running out of Options

By Greg Canavan | November 20, 2014

Even for Fortescue, the third largest Iron Ore producer in Australia, the situation doesn’t look healthy longer term.

Investing »


The No. 1 Reason to Own Some Gold

By Bill Bonner | November 20, 2014

Remember that gold is not an investment. It is money — the best money. You keep some on hand; you never know when you may need it.

Gold & Precious Metals »

US Flag and Capitol building, Washington DC

This Has Utterly Corrupted Our Economy

By Bill Bonner | November 14, 2014

The US economy abandoned gold and took the lid off the money pot. Now, there was almost no limit to how much cash could be created…

Currencies »


Kamikaze Finance

By Bill Bonner | November 21, 2014

Stick with the Trade of the Decade: Buy Japanese stocks. Sell Japanese bonds. And stay tuned… The kamikaze finance story is just getting started….

Commodities »


A Bottom, or Dead-Cat Bounce for Commodities?

By Greg Canavan | November 24, 2014

In the very short term, Interest rate cuts will create some positivity towards assets sensitive to China, like iron ore, commodities, and the Aussie dollar.

Global Economy »


Japan Will Be the Next Zimbabwe…

By Bill Bonner | November 26, 2014

The Japanese economy is about to take off…creating incredible amounts of new money and credit. They expect it and depend on it.

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