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Stock Market Analyze

Federal Reserve Wordsmithing and ‘Hopium’ Pushing Stocks Higher

By Greg Canavan | December 19, 2014

Stocks around the world are in the second day of their Federal Reserve e induced love swoon. I wonder how long this honeymoon period will last?

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financial times newspaper

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Financial News

By Tim Dohrmann | December 19, 2014

The lines between financial advice, information, news and opinion are becoming increasingly blurry. That’s why you should demand real credentials.

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Stock Market Analyze

The Oil Price Continues its Free Fall

By Greg Canavan | December 16, 2014

The oil price free-fall continues. It tried to rally yesterday, and in local trade some ‘bargain-hunters’ come into the market and pushed up energy stocks.

Investing »


A Crash Course in Money (Part IV)

By Bill Bonner | December 19, 2014

When your monetary system is backed by gold, the money supply is limited; there’s only so much gold. When you abandon gold backing, the sky is the limit.

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gold rail_lge

Puttin’ the Hurtin’ on Gold Miners

By Bill Bonner | December 2, 2014

Gold is not perfect money. It is simply the best money we have found so far. Tobacco was valuable. But as money it had major problems…

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US Military Spending on Uncle Sam’s Tab

By Callum Newman | December 6, 2014

There are no sure things in the investment world, or the real world for that matter, but you’re getting pretty close when it comes to US military spending.

Commodities »

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Bye-Bye, Shale-Oil Boom!

By Bill Bonner | December 18, 2014

US oil producers borrowed some $500 billion of high-yielding (junk) debt and used it to increase oil production from shale by four times.

Global Economy »

I can't see anything

Want to Know Who Really Runs the United States? Read On…

By Bill Bonner | December 17, 2014

Politics is the leading industry in this town. When JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was on line on Thursday, the other end of the line was here.

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