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Commodities and the End of QE

By Greg Canavan | October 30, 2014

All you seem to hear lately is negative news about commodities. If you look at commodity prices in terms of Australian dollars, things look a little better.

Financial Markets »


Digging Deeper into Overlooked Stocks

By Meagan Evans | October 29, 2014

Australian Investors have been piling into our best known dividend paying stocks. Companies like Telstra, IAG, Coca-Cola, the big banks, and listed property trusts.

Australian Economy »

The Australian Economy’s Many, Many Problems

By Greg Canavan | October 24, 2014

The Australian economy’s largest customer is changing direction. When crisis hits, foreign capital will dry up. Our dollar will plunge, and interest rates will rise…

Investing »

man with money

Secrecy Breeds Mistrust in Superannuation Industry

By Bernd Struben | October 30, 2014

I can’t be sure when I will be able to access my superannuation… Why? Because just as the pension age is going up to 67 before climbing to 70…

Gold & Precious Metals »


Huge Upside in Gold Miners from Here?

By Bill Bonner | October 24, 2014

What kind of investment are gold mining stocks? That is a good question. And a pertinent one. On the surface, the gold miners look like good value…

Currencies »


Oil Prices Used as a Weapon

By Callum Newman | October 15, 2014

Lower oil prices are good news – unless you have energy stocks in your portfolio – as it puts more money back in our pocket at the pump.

Commodities »

Oil barrels

Evolving Technology: Profiting from New Age Oil Explorers

By Daily Reckoning Administrator | October 21, 2014

If one of these fails to find oil or gas, it has plenty of other targets to explore. Success in any one of these could make the oil share price pop…

Global Economy »

Money Wave

The Surprising Reason Quantitative Easing Lives On

By Bill Bonner | October 30, 2014

The Federal Reserve has to be careful. If it announces that Quantitative Easing is truly dead, it is likely to set off some untoward scenes of wailing and keening in the stock market…

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