The Daily Reckoning Australia Has Been Banned in China


We are sorry to inform you that if you are in China you will not be able to read this.  We’ve recently learned that the Daily Reckoning Australia web site is banned in China.

Daily Reckoning Australia Banned in China

We’ve compiled a list of everything we’ve said about China since the Daily Reckoning Australia web site launched late last year.  We’ve certainly covered our friends (and trade partners) to the north quite a bit… perhaps a little too much?

Strangely enough, the UK and US versions of the Daily Reckoning are not banned in China.  Check your web site at to see what the Chinese government thinks about you.

The Daily Reckoning Australia

The Daily Reckoning
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  1. Probably due to your being a WordPress blog, more than for your content. China tends to block WordPress, LiveJournal and Blogger blogs, yet lets Typepad blogs through.

  2. We thought the site software might have been the case and then tested other wordpress based sites. Out of ten sites only two were blocked.


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