US Federal Reserve

The US Federal Reserve — the central bank of the US — sets the most important price in the world, the price of credit.

Discover how a privately owned cartel has hijacked America’s financial system for the benefit of the US government and its banking buddies. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Not everyone sees it like that.

But after reading how ‘the Fed’ floods the world with cheap money, fuelling bubbles all over the world and destabilising the world economy in the articles below, we’d like to hear what you think…

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Janet Yellen: You’re No Paul Volcker

Today we have Ms Janet Yellen at the Fed’s helm, her firm grip on the wheel…her steely eye on the horizon. The situation is nothing like that which Mr Paul Volcker faced. Instead of a CPI in double-digits, today the Fed is worried that consumer prices are not going up fast enough.