US Dollar

The US dollar is the reserve currency of the world and has been ever since ever since US President Richard Nixon cut the US dollar’s link to gold in 1971.

But there are many analysts in the world of finance who think the greenback’s days are numbered. That’s due to unprecedented money printing, large US trade deficits and the huge, unfunded liabilities of the US government.

Terribly flawed but too big to ignore, the value of the US dollar is a lynchpin of the global economy. Find out why financial markets are growing more unstable as the US Fed debases the currency.

No matter where you invest or even where you live, the future and direction of the US dollar is a question every investor must answer.

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Gold versus paper money

Yes, the US Dollar Should Be Backed by Gold

Had we the power, we would declare that Americans could use whatever currency they wanted, that the US dollar would once again be exchangeable for a fixed quantity of gold, and that the US Treasury would accept any major currency — including bitcoin — in payment of taxes.