Financial Markets

While the editors here concede their love for financial markets is as geeky as it is addictive, they won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes.

Financial markets are a mayhem of trends, egos, manipulation, panics, crashes and euphoria. But they’re also the best place to grow your wealth and increase your standard of living.

We do our best to steer you and your wealth through it all so you can realise the dream of putting money worries behind you.

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Graph paper, a calculator and a pen on it.

Why You Should Embrace Uncertainty

Global stock markets continued to celebrate what they thought they already knew overnight — that Britain will remain in the EU. Or will it? The Wall Street Journal reports that the pound plunged around 9.30am this morning, following a big …

Brexit, Schmexit

Last week, the Dow fell 1%. The media blamed nervousness over the upcoming referendum in Britain (Brexit) on whether to leave or stay in the European Union (EU).