Global Warming, What A Fraud


So much hokum… so little time. We can barely keep up with it. The Americans with their preposterous War Against Terror… the Europeans with their Global Warming.

But rest assured, though we are skeptics as to both of these sordid obsessions, we will do our part. If we see a man with a suspicious-looking wooden leg, or a grandmother with a suspicious-looking bag of cookies…we will call the police. And if we see Paris Hilton, loose on the streets of Paris, France, after somehow escaping from the slammer in L.A., you can count on us; we will do our duty.

All over the world, companies are parading their ‘green credentials’ as if they were bringing in escaped prisoners. One switches to electric delivery vehicles (as if power from power plants were less bad than power from an internal combustion engine). Another celebrates its new billion-dollar office tower, with its fancy green-conscious systems (forgetting to mention that it actually consumes more energy…not less…than the old headquarters). Everybody is going green.

We are also going green here, too, at the worldwide headquarters of the Daily Reckoning – whether we want to or not. Your author takes public transport to the London office in. His assistants ride bicycles. Some walk to work.

In Paris, the city is putting 20,600 bicycles on the streets. You pay a fee of about $60 a year, we were told, and you have the right to pick up a bicycle at one of the many stands around the city and forget to leave it off at another.

We recycle paper, too – great piles of it. And we turn off the lights at night. And turn down the heat.

Proof of our Green Good Citizenship comes from our new South American headquarters-building out at the ranch. It is so green, we are practically the Jolly Green Giant of financial publishing. There, hard up against the Andes, we are 100% environmentally friendly (if you ignore the noxious gases used to fabricate and install our solar power system). Besides, we had no choice; there were no power lines to grab ahold of. We had to put in solar-heat…and solar electricity…and take our water directly from the stream running down the mountains. Which just goes to show what a fraud this stuff is. We can advertise our Green credentials…even though the real environmental impact – as measured by the cost of the system – may actually be greater than that of a typical house on the grid.

Bill Bonner
The Daily Reckoning Australia

Bill Bonner

Bill Bonner

Best-selling investment author Bill Bonner is the founder and president of Agora Publishing, one of the world's most successful consumer newsletter companies. Owner of both Fleet Street Publications and MoneyWeek magazine in the UK, he is also author of the free daily e-mail The Daily Reckoning.


  1. Fraud indeed. Don’t they know it’s “Ice Age Abatement.” A geologist that has worked in Greenland said they had drilled/recovered masses of fossilised palm trees. Ditto the previous warming periods. Governments have jumped on the bandwagon for two major reasons. Energy rationing in a global rising demand pattern. Maybe some governments believe that the emerging economies won’t buy into the Anglo-fiat/credit/fractional economic model and lean towards the Austrian economics, i.e. Toilet paper Vs Tangibles. The second leg is tied to employment(along with infrastructure buildout) when the credit bubble bust kicks in. Ever seen the drawing from the Weimar Era with a lady shoving bundles of Marks into the heating furnace as this was cheaper than buying wood or coal? The West is terrified that the Great Monetary Experiment would be shown up for the fraud that it is-then what are they going to trade for resources? This could all unravel like a 1950’s communist cardigan in a Siberian snow blizzard-fast & deadly. Toilet paper for Tangibles-any takers?

  2. I can’t wait for the “War on Global Warming”. I bet Halliburton et al will be ready to run with it.

  3. Hi Bill,

    Although I don’t always agree with your viewpoint, I do appreciate the opportunity of seeing important issues from another angle.

    I must say I’m scared silly by the way the global warming movement is snowballing.

    The number of people who have been taken in by Al Gore’s Great Global Warming Swindle is absolutely frightening. Gore and his political strategists of doom have accomplished an astounding feat. They’ve cultivated a climate of impending disaster in the electorate of America and in democracies around the world. They have become experts in manipulating the news media and the voting public. The brainwashing is so effective that Gore’s discredited movie has become part of elementary and high school ciriculum in most of Canada. When you can indoctrinate the children from the earliest grades, success in even the most nefarious plan is only a matter of waiting. The Soviets were masters at grooming the minds of their children too.

    More psychology. Gore won’t run he says. Well he might run if he’s pushed. No, he won’t run, he’s way too busy with this urgent calling, saving the world single handedly. Way too busy getting rich spreading fables about cataclysm and fleecing the faithful.

    Will you be surprised when Gore is eventually recruited and annointed as the only candidate who really understands the seriousness of the approaching calamity?

    Here’s the recipe for a perfect ruse. Start with a thin shell of truth. Stuff with half truths, illusions and lies. Cover with a crust of fiction that takes place far into the future, say beginning in 100 years.

    That way if your pie turns out to be sour it doesn’t matter. No one will be the wiser for 100 years or more and your followers will all be dead. Who could even hold you accountable? Progress in averting the catastrophe won’t be measurable for half a century.

    In the meantime, seize upon every crumb in the kitchen as proof. Warm today? Global warming! Cool today? Global warming! Wet Today? Dry Today? Stormy? Calm? Normal weather? It’s all global warming isn’t it?

    Franchise the operation around the world. Force feed everyone you meet. Mobilize an army of believers. Make alliances at the United Nations with every third world country that looks upon the developed world with envy.

    Convince all your new friends of the urgency of creating an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Stack the IPCC with political hacks and bureaucrats from the third world and spread the myth that they’re the top 2500 climate scientists in the world. Refuse to release a list of the delegates. Have the IPCC prepare weighty pronouncements presented with great fanfare to give them an aura of importance.

    Decide that the only solution to this grave problem is to hobble the economies of the developed world by banning the use of the relatively inexpensive carbon based fuels which made prosperity possible. Exempt the developing world from the ban. If that levels the playing field, oh well. Now you’ve got the blessing of all the usual enemies of free enterprise; the socialists, the communists, the environmental freaks.

    Demand immediate action. Refuse to consider valid criticism. Claim the science is settled. Demand immediate action. Shout down all who disagree. Who do climate scientists work for? Governments mostly. Pull the funding of scientists who won’t acquiesce. Demand immediate action.

    Bury a disclaimer in the fine print of IPCC documents explaining that there is no evidence that human activity has contributed to global warming.

    Sorry I went on so long. I’m less concerned with the short attention span of the average person than I am with their inability to think things through for themselves. I believe it would be a crime to allow the Global Warming wrecking crew to destroy our economies on the basis of a whim and a lie. There’s plenty of time to let global warming prove itself, if it’s man made.

    Jim DiMarco
    June 7, 2007
  4. Well done jim why can’t people think for themselves I think because they are lazy.
    When ever someone starts preaching Global Warming I say to them that its a better idea than y2k and it will last for years before it gets proven wrong and then I see them start to think then the preaching stops

  5. can someone please tell penny wong and kevin rudd

  6. Well Jim, it’s now July 2008, the US election is looming and it would seem that your predictions have proved themselves wrong much faster than the “Great Global Warming Swindle” could ever hope to but I’m still waiting Gore’s return to politics with bated breath.

  7. Let’s pretend for a moment that doing what the Kyoto Protocol suggests will fix up global warming….(I know I know, it’s a massive pretence – like saying let’s pretend that witch burning in the 16th century was a good thing because it got rid of all the witches)

    So Kevin Rudd signed up for the Kyoto Protocol to say that Australia as a nation would cut its CO2 emmissions. What a sad sad joke!! Australia with a population of 0.5% of the world’s population has now committed to severe self-flagellation of our economy so we can help save the planet. So lets all prepare to pay double for our electricity, cease the use of petrol, grow trees and become vegetarians. (we can’t eat meat any longer, because cattle generate massive amounts of methane which is much more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas) At the same time, China,India and the US have said stuff the Kyoto protocol – we’d rather be superpowers – so you can bet your life these countries, representing 75% of the world’s energy consumption will be doing nothing to curb energy use.

    For every one tonne of CO2 that Australia curbs (at great cost) China,India and the US will produce about 500 tonnes. Whatdyareckon the effectiveness of Australia’s efforts will be? I hereby suggest that it will be a poofteenth of stuff-all.

    But hey, let’s do it anyway, because we all feel so guilty about our wanton collective destruction of the planet – I reckon this is the number one greatest scam that’s ever been perpetrated on mankind in the history of the world.

    The Australian Government is about to introduce carbon levies on our 1000 biggest companies – but what we need is a Guilt Absolution Levy for individuals (the GAL) – 50 cents a week for every Australian so we don’t feel so bad about switching on the light, or heating a tin of baked beans to have on toast. I’m happy to be the Administrator of this scheme. Send all money to me, and I’ll make sure it’s put to good use. In fact, because of my incredible generosity and altruism, I hereby promise to do the following:

    I promise that for every 50 cents I receive, I will not mow my lawn for 1 week. THIS PROMISE IS CUMMULATIVE, SO IF YOU KEEP SENDING MONEY, I MAY NEVER MOW MY LAWN!!!!! This will ensure that my grass will keep growing and absorbing more and more of that nasty filthy polluting MAN-MADE poison known as CO2, thereby saving the planet earth as we know it.
    (plus, as a sub-promise, I will abstain from eating baked beans and cabbage – my favourite meal, for 1 year which will reduce methane emissions by several tonnes – and everyone knows that methane is 21 times as potent as CO2 as a greenhouse gas)

    (if you’re having trouble believing that this will fix global warming, I can assure you that I have all the marks of a distinguished scientist (i.e. SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT) – I’m wearing a white coat with 3 pens in the pocket whilst writing this, plus I have some very impressive initials after my name, and I’ve also written a load of peer-reviewed papers i.e. after i’d written them, my mother peered at them briefly and said “son – there’s lots of words on these papers and they look pretty good to me – so what I’m saying must be true…)(plus, the science is settled, the jury is in, the concensus is reached etcetera etcetera etbloodycetera….)

    This is a fantastic offer friends (can I call you friends – just like a preacher does?) which I’d advise you to take – in fact all of you have a grave responsibility to do this for the sake of the little children (cherubs as they are) – think of poor Johnny who lost his parents only last year in a terrible train accident – there they were, carrying an esky containing a donor heart and lungs for their poor crippled blind boy across the railway track on their way to the hospital where Johnny lay dying, in urgent need of that heart-lung transplant so at least he could enjoy a few more years under the blue skies and weather perfection of the Kyoto Protocol, when they were run down and killed by the Ghan… How sad – now Johnny just lies in his bed on life support, waiting for the day when mankind can work together to stop this wanton and careless destruction of our planet.

    So don’t you just owe it to yourselves and the whole of humanity to send me 50 cents immediately? Cash only thanks, and please, no 5 cent pieces.

  8. I think it is a load of rubbish get stuffed Al gore


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