Reader Mail: Natural Resources & China Invades Australia


It looks like yesterday’s Daily Reckoning did not cheer up at least one reader.

“If natural resources are this precious then sovereign states will expropriate them and dole them out on terms that best suit their interests. And they will be prepared to spill blood and wage war to protect those interests.

“This world isn’t a zoo, it’s a jungle. The death of one person is a tragedy, that of a thousand a statistic. Civilisation is the thinnest of veneers over animal instincts.

“I am become death, destroyer of worlds. Man is his own worst enemy. He will disappear from this earth one day.”

Investment wisdom from revealed truth? Ecclesiastes chapter one verse four: “One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.” In the first line “I am become death, destroyer of worlds,” the reader quotes the Baghavad Gita, Chapter 11, verse 32. It is the line J. Robert Oppenheimer reportedly spoke aloud after witnessing the first successful nuclear bomb test at the Trinity Test in Alamogordo, New Mexico on July 16th, 1945.

Hey, it’s not all apocalypse all the time around here. Men are nature’s most adaptive creation. Our goal at the Daily Reckoning is not to scare the living daylights out of you. It’s to make you aware of the financial dangers coming your way so you can get out of the way with your money intact. And for the record, while we are bearish on government, the era of fictitious capitalism, and banking stocks, we are bullish on the future, or else we wouldn’t bother coming to work each day.

And a letter from an American. By the way, your editor is American too. We’ve voted with our feet by leaving that country (for the last five years) to get a better look at the world. We look up to and see a giant stretch of undefended coast. But from here in Melbourne, it’s not all that worrisome. But some people aren’t as sure…

Dear Dan:

I am a subscriber to your daily newsletter. I am very interested in what you say and what your opinions are (not so much from the Brits though).

And as an American, your letter is very difficult for me to stomach at times – because I know what you say is true.

However, from my and many other American’s perspective this is what you need to be worried about:

Australia is a geographically large, mineral blessed country with a small population of 20,000,000 (about the size of Florida). Your military can’t be that large.

China is a country that has a population of at least 100-150 times that of yours. It also has a military that will soon rival that of the USA and/or Russia.

If I were you, I would be worried about China either invading or annexing Australia in order to get your minerals (they did it to Tibet and they may do it to Taiwan).

Just imagine what an Australian invasion scenario would do to the price of gold! I would appreciate you discussing this topic in one of your letters?

Again there are no hard feelings. I have been to your country and I love it.

However you guys better beware down there and don’t let your guard down.

After all I don’t think New Zealand would be much of an ally.


Wayne H.

Dan Denning
The Daily Reckoning Australia

Dan Denning
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  1. If you lose all your money……. so what! It’s not the apocalypse. All you have to do is make or earn some more – and that could be fun.

    And China doesn’t need to invade Australia if the resouces in question can be purchased more cheaply at the stock exchange. In any case China is currently only interested in flexing its economic muscle.

    Coffee Addict
    February 5, 2008
  2. “If I were you, I would be worried about China either invading or annexing Australia in order to get your minerals (they did it to Tibet and they may do it to Taiwan). ”

    Sorry to disappoint you Wayne, I do not think the Chinese Communist leaders are as stupid as your NEOCONS when they naively believed that the price of Oil would drop to $11/ a barrel when they invaded an OPEC country. Australia is 5 times larger than Iraq, and it would be hard to maintain a long-term occupation force from Perth to Sydney.

    Besides, all the Chinese have to do is BUY Australian Mining Companies or LEASE THE ENTIRE PILBARA REGION, in order to ensure supplies of raw materials. The Chinese military and political strategic planners know only too well from the experience of America’s folly in Iraq that Japan and India would aggressively move against them if they ever attempted such a hare-brained idea. China would suffer the fate of Germany in the First World War. The Chinese leaders are long term strategic thinkers. Listen to great Sun Tzu when he says,”He who wins by not fighting.”

  3. Just because the US invaded Iraq for oil, it doesn’t mean another world power will make the same mistake. I think Wayne H. is still in denial of the actions of his elected leader.

    Until Australia starts hiding weapons of mass destruction from the world and China elects an idiot like Bush as president, I doubt the scenario will play out.

    February 5, 2008
  4. Pretty hard to wage a war/invasion of another country when you have to fly/sail through 6-10 other countries airspaces/waters.

    Is Wayne H really Donald Rumsfeld ?

  5. i totally support what Mr. Eden said. apparently the guy who wrote this letter has snophobia, he should definitely check it out, without proper treatment, it can develop into a horrible psychological disease called “super-sinophobia” it is very common in the west. how do it know? i am in ameria taking a class called “chinese foreign policy”. some kids in my class have the same symptoms.

  6. No need to worry, If China invaded Australia the US would shower her in multiple warhead intercontinential Nuclear missles, its all good, might get a little cold though ? Anyway seen as we arnt aloud to own Guns down here, we can fight invaders off with penknives and sling shots !

  7. Don’t worry about Australia being invaded by China;

    China will descend into anarchy and civil war in the coming depression;

    (China will not soon have a military to rival America even if the world was to escape the depression-enforced restructuring for the Information Age proper).

    But worry about Australia being invaded by a Japanese-Indian coalition – which will take place at the same time a European Superpower led coalition takes out America.

    “Rereading history books and the testimony of those who experienced the transition from the Taisho democracy of the 1920s to the militarism of the 1930s, I marvel at how quickly a society with give-and-take-politics, a strong labour movement, active and contentious writers and intellectuals, and an urban populace with a jazzy pop culture could be transformed into a nation in armour” (Frank Gibney, Reinventing Japan…Again, Foreign Policy, Summer 2000, p.80).

    The Japanese will later turn on the Indians and drive them out of Australia; Europe will also later turn on Russia and her allies.

    When Europe begins to build a navy, as Germany did after the Great Depression of the Nineteenth Century, then begin to worry.

    “In 1897 the Kaiser, already in possession of Europe’s most powerful army, had ordered the construction of a German High Seas Fleet. He had seen it from the start as a deliberate challenge to Britain’s command of the seas, and so to the established order of things. One day, he told his admirals and constructors, it would be God’s Instrument of Justice – ‘until then, silence and work’. By 1914, the work was done, the silence broken, and as Europe burst like an abscess into war, Queen Victoria’s Empire found itself challenged by equal force of arms for the first time since she had succeeded to the throne, almost eighty years before. The grand illusion was collapsing” (Jan Morris, Farewell the Trumpets, (London: Faber & Faber Ltd, 1998), pp.155-56).

    Likely on one future Spring Sunday morning, after Passover/Easter, after the assassination of the European leader, Europe will attack America:

    “On the eve of the attack, the officers of Pearl Harbor no doubt observed the sacred American Saturday-night ritual of getting stinking drunk, as did most of their men, and so when the first bombs fell, were incapable of manning their numerous planes and AA guns to defend themselves. Here the rule ‘know your enemy’ definitely helped the Japanese. If American forces, wherever stationed, are ever attacked again, the proper time will always be Sunday morning. National character changes very slowly” (Observation by fictitious WW2 German General Armin von Roon in Herman Wouk’s novel “The Winds of War”, p.721).

    Future Watch – News Before it Happens

  8. They don’t need to invade Australia all they need to do is sell us food that is full of toxins and cheap furniture and clothes full of formaldehyde… drug dealers and large corporations will take care of the rest, not to mention the small alcohol problem that Kevin Rudd pointed out a nation of dead heads.

    I actually feel sorry for the people that live in China millions of people die each year due to poverty and pollution they pretty much have no free speech and can get locked up and torchered at the drop of a hat not to mention get slaughtered when they protest.

    At the end of the day humans have been killing and enslaving each other for thousands of years and the general population are just a resource at the disposal of those in power so it doesn’t matter which country or side your on your screwed either way planet Earth is a prison colony .

  9. A number of visions and prophecies from the Christian churches of Australia of an invader to the South Pacific/Australasia region

    Pass this on if you like… 25 minutes or so reading… download for a reference…

    Quite often when I would visit my mother in country Queensland I would drive up to one of my favourite hills just outside of town and park the car on the grass strip next to the open paddocks on the hill and look out across what must be one of the prettiest views in all of Australia. Sit there long enough… and the view can become almost any place in the world that might have a similar climate.
    Get a wet year and it looks like England. It’s a wonderful “old world” postcard picture for sure.
    Long waving grass, fences and paddocks, the occasional horse, the sound of crows off in the background across the roof tops…a barking dog… a church or two in the distance, then the surrounding local hills and then further to the east, the haze of the Great Dividing Range.
    I loved the place and I wanted to live there for the rest of my life.
    Yet it was here, in the late 1980’s, amidst all of this peace and beauty, that in a moment of time all of that changed for me with the handing over of a single book.

    Visions of an invader to Australia (a few years yet) by G. Gibson

    In the late 1980’s I began to collect a number of visions and prophecies of an invader from amongst the Christian churches of Australia. Some were prophecies or visions…some were stories of prophecies or visions. I found at least one major revelation that was already up and established (i.e. in Pastor Jack Burrell’s book “What will become of Australia”) so I began to search out others to see how many I could come across.
    All of the revelations I located pointed to the invasion as being a Judgment on the people of Australia because of their sins.
    I believe God’s Hand was in the endeavour of collecting those revelations. Doors were opened to speak to people and on at least one occasion, a person was brought to me. Whether an invader will actually come to Australia I don’t really precisely know though I believe its quite possible in the Bibles endtimes.
    I’ve got my own thoughts on an invasion… but I don’t really precisely know if it will happen.
    It may be that national Christian revival will break out and any Judgment on Australia may be averted. Even partial Christian revival could diminish the effects of a Judgment. God wants all of us who have wandered away from Him, or who have never known Him, to take up that wonderful personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.
    Its all to do with the Cross and He Who was on it and how we receive what He has done for us.
    You can invite Jesus in today, right now if you want, and wear that wonderful grin:)
    Getting born again is a joyous experience indeed.

    I would like to point out here, right at the very start of this story, that I have never had a vision or a prophecy of an invader myself.
    Not one.
    That settled… Id just like to say that I simply collected visions and prophecies where I came across the mention of one. In essence I played detective.
    If you speak to a lot of people… you hear things. If you log what you hear; and do it properly, then you have a generally reliable record of what happened according to that persons’ understanding of the events that effected them.
    Stories have value. Testimonies are accepted in courts of law. I’ve been in courts and I know what gets accepted.
    I didn’t question the stories that I came across because I really believe in Christian prophecies…though prophecies do have to come to pass to be genuine.
    In simple faith, as a young Christian, I took them as being genuine and I didn’t argue with what I believe was Given by The Lord and I didn’t despise (hate) those visions or prophecies. As is said in 1 Thessalonians 5:19… “Do not despise prophesies”… but I tested them wherever I could.
    Test it all, the scripture says. Put everything to the test.
    Did I know the prophets? Some of them I knew and of those I knew at least I knew some of their works.
    They all appeared to be good, solid Bible-believing Christian people. None seemed to be into prophecies for the money or for selfish “glory” reasons.
    Sufficient did I know of the ones I knew personally (Bette Boske and Sharon Moore her daughter) to get a reasonable picture of the prophet or prophetess they were.
    Test everything.
    Does God turn sinful nations over to their enemies? Yes, HE certainly does if they persist in sin. In the Old Testament many times God turned the children of Israel over to their enemies when they wandered over to the worship of idols and “engaged” sexual immorality.
    Test everything.
    Get the clearest picture possible for forming an opinion on the truthfulness of the revelation/s.
    And that’s what I’ve tried to do.

    1. Jack Burrell’s Vision…the handing over of the book

    It all started way back in about 1989 when I was living in rural Queensland and a Christian friend by the name of Peter Casey handed me a copy of Pastor Jack Burrell’s book “What will become of Australia” (the book is circa 1975. The book has no copyright date on it but it’s from around that era I’ve since found out).
    Peter by-the-way was one of those really caring type of Christians, I loved the guy and his friendliness.
    As time passed he became a mentor to both my wife and I. He was a guy who always had a moment or two for another person in need. Slow moving as many country folk are, there wasn’t much rat race in him.
    Physically he was a large man. He had a large belly and slicked back greying hair. He was a bushie for sure and about 55 years old when I knew him. He loved motorbikes and he loved the Lord.
    A Harley Davidson would have fitted him like a cosy old jumper. He had been a sawmill employee for many years in and around the district and he had lost some of the parts of some of his fingers through not watching what he was doing when cutting timber.
    He had a wonderful simple grit about him. When he had gotten saved and born again through his personal commitment to Jesus Christ… (“you must be born again to enter Heaven” John 3:3)…he had been a backslidden Roman Catholic and much disillusioned with Roman Catholicism.
    Now, having asked Jesus into his life, he was seeing things from a different Light. He was seeing not so much a religious system, any religious system, but an intimate personal relationship with The Lord through The Holy Spirit.
    The Holy Spirit was now his Guide and one of his interests had become prophecy to the Body of Christian believers.
    As time passed Peter ended up in the pentecostal Christian churches… the “happy-clappies”…the Gifts of the Holy Spirit people, one of which is prophecy.
    It was here, amongst the pentecostals, where Peter finally became a solid, much respected Christian in that particular community. All of his children were brought up in The Lord and with good, solid Holy Bible teaching.
    Peter passed on a few years ago to go to The Lord…and we miss him a lot.
    When we reflect back on the wonder and the childlike simplicity of our early years as new Christians in the 1980’s… he boldly stands out amongst many others we loved.

    Back to the story…around about the time of the book being handed to me I had been writing in the regional newspapers on defence issues connected to the Book of Revelation…e.g. Revelation 9:16 and 16:12 speaks about a great asian confederacy army named “the kings of the east”… and I had gotten interested in national defence.
    Suddenly here is Peter handing me a book speaking about an invader taking over half of Australia.
    Well…I was quite amazed.
    Looking back, it was like God had Handed it to me through Peter to do something with. Jack Burrell says in his book that he felt he had been given the task of informing the nation about his two-part vision… that it was his responsibility. Having read the book and believed the vision I felt it was now my responsibility to pick up the batten. I began to write.
    This time with Jacks two-part vision held close to my heart.

    A. the first part of Jack’s vision shows Jack “seeing” in his sleep a large map of the world slowly filling-in with black starting in northern India and filling in all of the way down through South East Asia and into Australia as far south as Byron Bay NSW and North West Cape WA before the black filling-in stops.
    Jack believed The Lord was showing him the southern movement of an invader though he wasn’t sure if it was a Chinese invader, a Russian invader or even an Islamic army.
    B. the second part of the vision shows people, cattle and dogs moving south in the heat of the outback sun and suddenly Jack was standing there, in the vision, amongst all of these refugees and an Australian army officer is driving up to him and telling him to get out of that area because there’s going to be a land battle there later that day.
    Jack goes on to mention many other things in his book; all revealed by The Holy Spirit including (in the future) a last ditch stand for material security being made by the people, of greed a consuming fire (The Lord Himself seeing to it that the righteous, His Christ believers, are fed and clothed and not lacking in any good thing during those years to come), a great epidemic of lust leaving a trail of sorrow and broken lives behind it (we are seeing this now in 2008 with pornography now a increasing problem)…a strange fear stalking the land and drugs and alcohol taking over lives…asylums overflowing…hospitals unable to cope.
    This is a revelation from 1975 or so and it’s all coming to pass. It’s quite amazing.
    Famine will one day sweep the country and farmers will walk away from fields ripe with harvest because there’s no fuel for their equipment.
    There’s going to be conscription in those “invader days” so intense Jack says that in the end only the very old and the very young will escape the call up.
    Sorry if this story gets a bit dark. Really…it’s all to do with sin; and Judgment if we fail to turn from that sin.
    There’s no point to Jesus dying on the Cross for our sin if no one wants what He has done.
    Receive Him today, if you feel the Holy Spirit drawing you.
    There’s just so much in Jacks book, including a wonderful preaching of Jesus’ Sacrifice on the Cross for our sins.
    Jack’s book travelled well amongst the Assembly of God churches of the 1970’s.
    I actually came across a Christian lady some years ago, Helga her name was, from the Christian Growth Centre, Sutherland, Sydney (now Shirelive) who said she even remembered the day Jacks book was handed out in a church she was attending. It was a big thing, this book of Jacks. Many people believed the revelations.
    I often see Jacks book as a bit of a benchmark… an initial reference on the subject of revelations of an invader.
    Jacks revelations were also the earliest revelations I found on an invader. All other visions and prophecies I found came after that date (1975 or so) though it’s more than possible there are other revelations given by Jesus before Jacks. As for being a long time ago (a vision from the mid 1970’s) we have to remember that God sends revelation quite often many years, and sometimes decades, in advance.
    The events of John’s Revelation, the last book in the Holy Bible that was written in about 96ad (some references say earlier than 96ad), have yet to occur.
    A day is as a thousand years to The Lord, so He sees it only as only a very short time.

    2. Betty Boske’s vision

    Moving along …being out at a small community one day east of where mum lived, visiting another old Christian friend by the name of Dave Piesker, I began to mention to Dave about Jack Burrell’s book.
    Dave was another really interesting born-again Christian…a bit of a bushy himself…the caretaker of the farm he was on.
    Dave had told me that he had known The Lord many years ago in his youth but fell away and didn’t come back and give his life to Jesus again for thirty years.
    He often said looking back at his absence from Christ, “if I had died in that thirty years I was away from The Lord, I know where I would have gone to”.
    Looking at him now though, he was so “joyed up” in The Holy Spirit to have recommitted his life to Jesus all over again… it was beaming out of him.
    God was Gracious, really Gracious, to allow Dave such a return. He will do it for anyone who genuinely turns back I believe.
    As I started talking about Jacks vision Dave suddenly piped up saying that “Sharon Moore’s mum had a vision one night back up in Mt. Isa, Queensland showing paratroopers coming down over the city”…or words similar to that.
    “Wow!” I thought. “What’s this… another vision to search out?”
    I knew Sharon Moore nee Boske and her husband Les Moore quite well and I knew somewhat Sharon’s mum, Betty Boske.
    Sharon and Les had been pastors in and around our local country church scene for quite a few years…going away and then coming back a couple of years later on as they did.
    They were movers. Never idle in Christ.
    Les always had a vision for preaching to the aborigines out in the western parts of the New South Wales and Queensland. Even today he preaches out of a nearby city with his second wife Ann and travels all over QLD and northern NSW. Sadly his first wife Sharon passed on a few years ago to go to Jesus… a big woman with a huge heart for needy folk.
    Boy, how we loved her and how we love the simple brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who commit their time and money to the harvest field. Old Les would preach at the drop of a hat anywhere. All he needed was petrol money to get to his goal. “Will preach anytime, any place” he says in his newsletter.
    My interest was stirred. I remember I got quite excitable about it.
    I eventually tracked Sharon down to Tamworth, New South Wales through her brother Dave Boske who was living over Brisbane way and got a letter from her (this was in 1993) saying that some twelve years ago (making it around 1981) when living in Mt. Isa, Queensland Sharon’s mum Betty had a vision one night of enemy paratroopers coming down just north of the city and the roads clogged with people trying to escape but the roads were so crowded.
    Sharon said that when her mum awoke at the end of the vision The Lord simply spoke to her and said “TWO BABY GIRLS”.
    That very day two baby girls were born into the family, one two weeks late and the other the day she was due. Betty reckoned that if one event came to pass (the birth of the two baby girls into the family) then the other (the enemy paratroopers) would also.
    As Betty’s revelations had always been correct in the past she upped family and moved back south into NSW. Even a Queensland police relative and his family also from Mt. Isa, Bette’s son-in law, packed up and moved south as well….so genuine had Bette’s visions become.
    Betty and her husband had become born-again Christians under A.C.Valdez’s ministry on one of his trips out to Australia from America and Betty, a pastor herself, had been preaching and receiving “Words of Knowledge” and visions from God for many years.
    I knew Betty somewhat; through Sharon, and Sharon I knew well… and I trusted them both. Betty had brought her daughter up well with a full appreciation of the Gifts of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was always moving in the Moore/Boske services and people were always on the floor, flat out on their backs getting administered by Gods Spirit for some of the problems they had. Healings were not uncommon.
    Though The Lord hadn’t actually set a date for the invasion, the revelation had been sufficiently powerful to spur the families south.
    I later sent a copy of Sharon’s letter to the Australian Defence Department and received a reply from Brigadier Adrian D’Hage of Public Relations saying that he had passed it onto intelligence for them to look at. I think he was impressed.
    A Christian friend, Tony Logan from Katherine in the Northern Territory who travels the roads in and out of Mt. Isa occasionally on his way to and from Katherine also said that the roads out of Mt. Isa are considerably twisting and turning and narrow; that easily could they become clogged if cars broke down or crashed.
    This supports Betty Boske’s vision of the people trying to escape… but couldn’t escape.
    I also remember Sharon speaking about how just to the north of Mt. Isa there was a great open area where paratroopers could easily land. This I have yet to confirm. I guess I’ll have to go there one day and check it out.
    My feeling is that if there were enemy paratroopers, at some time in the future at Mt. Isa, they would be there to secure the Mt. Isa mines.

    Here’s a copy of Sharon Moore’s letter to me dated 18.10.93.
    This is the letter that went to military intelligence via Brigadier Adrian D’Hage.

    “Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name.
    Sorry for taking so long in answering your letter, life gets quite busy at times. It was nice to hear from you. We have not heard from Dave Piesker for a long time, do you know where he is these days.
    We have travelled a lot in the past three or so years, but it is nice to stop for a while. We are involved with the A.O.G. here having resigned the Full Gospel some time back.
    When we were living in Mt. Isa some twelve years ago my mother had a vision of enemy paratroopers landing just north of Mt. Isa. No one was expecting it to happen and when it did everyone was trying to get out but there was such a traffic jam. On waking Mum felt The Lord spoke to her and said just these words “TWO BABY GIRLS”. That very day two baby girls were born into the family, one was two weeks late and the other the day she was due.
    Mum felt this was a sign that one came to pass and the other would also.
    Some twenty five years ago I heard a prophecy saying that an enemy would invade Australia from the north and God would allow them to come so far into Australia because Australia mostly has rejected God but then God would raise up another nation to fight on our side and God would put hooks in the jaws of the enemy and drive them back. When this happens don’t give the people fighting on our side, but give God the glory.
    Our son Mark had a word over his life that he would don the uniform and quite a number who were in our church at the time got the same word from the same prophet that gave the first prophecy.
    This prophet was a true man of God who has since gone to be with The Lord and I have never known his prophecies to fail yet.
    Well I trust this will help you a little. God bless you.
    Christian love.
    Sharon Moore

    This letter has, as we can see, a revelation of paratroopers given to Sharon’s mum; and another revelation from a Christian prophet Sharon knew years earlier.
    Sharon mentions here, in her 1993 letter, that the earlier prophecy from the prophet she heard in the church she was in, was “some 25years ago”.
    This “some 25years ago” from 1993 would possibly make the prophecy she heard then… a revelation that would precede even Jack Burrell’s 1975 vision.
    I no longer have the original letter Sharon sent me in 1993 as I have since returned it to her family so her daughters could have a keep-sake of their mum’s handwriting. Sharon has gone to be with the Lord.

    3. Russell Shaw’s vision

    I better mention here a second Mt. Isa revelation.
    According to a christian friend by the name of Tony Logan from Katherine Northern Territory there was a pastor by the name of Russell Shaw (currently believed to be in New Zealand) on his hands and knees praying out the front of a church in Mt. Isa, Queensland one Sunday some years ago when he suddenly had a vision of men in army uniforms with machineguns bursting into the church.
    One of them was about to machinegun the congregation when a voice was heard to suddenly say “Stop, these people belong to the King” (a reference to Jesus?).
    Where the voice came from…I’m not fully sure. It could have been Knowledge in a shout from Heaven.
    The soldiers then closed the church doors and moved away. Part of the vision reputedly involved people also being shot in Mt. Isa streets.
    This story may not be 100% accurate, but just generally accurate, as some years had passed since it was given to Tony and he related it to me.
    Tony did his best to record all of the details of Russell Shaw’s vision but he was getting older by the time I spoke to him.
    I haven’t heard from Tony for a few years. He too may have passed on.

    As time passed I began to write to country newspapers on Bette’s Boske’s vision as well as Jack Burrell’s and to ask if any reader had heard of other revelations about an invader.
    Slowly, bit by bit over the years, talking the Christians, tracking people down here and there wherever I could, I came across about fourteen mentions of this invader just doing amateur research.
    I’ve also seen the occasional other prophecy on the web which I haven’t got here.
    Try clicking on storm harvest…a ministry from Cootamundra, New South Wales if looking for others. Robert Holmes is the pastor in charge. Look for Prophetic Words for Australia.

    4. David Kriss’s prophecy 1996

    Is the most recent mention of a word of knowledge or vision of an invader comes from David Kriss’s prophecy and it can be found by clicking on invasion of australia david kriss storm harvest.
    David suggests Indonesia may have a secret plan to invade Australia at sometime in the future.

    5. Naz Spirotto’s vision

    One of the other revelations I came across spoke about an enemy incursion into the Gulf of Carpentaria and all of the towns in the Gulf and down the east coast of Australia towards Brisbane ablaze (from “Wipeout” by Naz Sperotto 1986).
    Naz from NSW says he had a vision one night of this whirlwind entering the Gulf and wherever it touched a town, the town broke into flames…quote…page 96 of Naz’s book…Gods Word to Naz… “Speak up my son, you are my sword, for I will cut this nation to pieces. From the north they will come to take this land and they will leave it bare. Sound the alarm. The time is near. The day is close. Judgment is at the door! I will sift this nation like wheat, for they are guilty and loathsome in my sight. Spare not, cry loud, for their wickedness is heavy upon me. I have blessed this nation with peace and prosperity, but now I will curse it with wants and destruction”…unquote.
    This “Word from the Lord” displays an anger previously not seen. Like all revelations we will just have to wait and see.
    All through the Old Testament we see every time the children of Israel went over to idolatry and sexually immorality God turned them over to their enemies. In came their enemies… and they turned back to The Lord.
    God is a Loving God but He wants our hearts and minds solely on Him. I have no problem with that:) When I got born again I was dying from a series of bad decisions.
    Im so thankful He saved me from my earlier life!
    It could happen here if the spread of sin gets worse.
    Naz is an independent yet qualified pastor in Sydney and was preaching Jesus to street people in the inner city.

    6. Simon Marti’s dreams

    Another set of dreams spoke about an air attack on Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, Queensland.
    We had a boarder by the name of Simon Marti who, when living in Katoomba NSW some many years ago, had had a series of about 4 dreams one night not too long before he went to Bible college in Townsville and in one of the dreams he “saw” an air attack on the local army barracks and he “saw” himself being led out of an army barracks classroom in one of the dreams by a Holy Angel and they both hid under a bridge as the barracks exploded.
    Some months later when he went to the Townsville bible college he was absolutely stunned as he drove around the city to see the very same army barracks buildings he had seen in the dream and the very same bridge he and the Holy Angel had hidden under as the bombs fell.
    Simon had never been in Townsville in his life before and had never before seen the barracks or the bridge, even in photos.
    He also “saw” a strange new type of enemy aircraft coming in over the city from the sea which he later saw in the first ever public showing on TV of the stealth fighter during the first Iraq war.
    He had “seen” the same, or a very similar craft, in his dream before he and the world saw the stealth fighter on television.
    I wondered if China was building stealth fighters/bombers. They have already stolen many American military secrets.
    Strange things can be seen in visions and dreams. Are they of the future…quite possibly?

    7. Ralph Campbell’s vision

    Another vision again spoke of an amphibian landing at 80 Mile Beach, Western Australia.
    Apparently a bush pastor by the name of Ralph Campbell was lying asleep in his tent one night some years ago out on 80 Mile Beach when he was suddenly “taken-up” by The Holy Spirit and out over the water and into a ship, one of a group of warships about to disembark soldiers onto the beach; and there he “saw” all of these troops and vehicles inside the ship preparing for the disembarkation.
    What a discussion this vision caused amongst Ralph’s group as they postulated how the soldiers might move up the beach and out onto the highway, from where they could travel anywhere north or south.
    This story of the “80 Mile Beach revelation” I also got through my christian friend Tony Logan from Katherine NT and I was given his address through an earlier inquiry to Fair Dinkum Ministry having sent them a fax asking if anyone knew about visions of an invader.
    I actually met Tony some years ago when he was down in Sydney.
    He was an amazing guy.
    He was about 65 years old and there he was, going right up to a stranger in the street at Hurstville and speaking to him about Jesus. His opening statement was something like “do you know where you’re going when you die?” or similar; and off he began preaching The Lord and the need for repentance of sin.
    He had such strength-in-The Lord it almost blew me away.
    80 Mile Beach, Western Australia lies to the north of Jack Burrell’s “Byron Bay NSW/ North West Cape WA line” so an amphibian landing there is not so far south as to contradict what Jacks vision-part one is saying.
    A perfect landing spot to unload enemy vehicles Tony reckoned.

    8. Vincent Tan’s Word of Knowledge

    I remember Dr. Vincent Tan from Singapore who preached at Southside Christian Fellowship, Miranda, Sydney in 2000ad.
    Vincent was saying (transcribed from the Southside audio tape)…
    …“about four days ago The Lord woke me up and I was praying and weeping. The whole night I did not sleep and The Lord was showing me the destiny of Australia. And God said that, you know, in ten years from now (from 2000ad) that we must evangelise and send out people into the uttermost part of the earth and in the next five years there will be dramatic and tremendous change in this part of the world. The political and economic power will fail; it’s only the ecclesiastical power. When the people of God get together and pray God will be able to stop the enemy. If not the enemy will just march right over this land without shooting. Just like that. The Lord told me that the Australians, they were complacent and they were lazy and so The Lord told me that, ah, the Australians were discriminating against other nations and God said he was going to deal with them and so God has given you ten years because the mission centre has shifted from America to Australia and you have a tremendous responsibility to get the Gospel to the uttermost part of the world and God will hold you responsibility if you will not get people out to send the message out to the world. It’s an awesome responsibility. I told The Lord, you know, those ten years is a very short time.
    The Lord said in the next five years (up to 2005ad) is going to be tremendous change and that according to Amos chapter 9 verse 13 that before the rebirth reap, the sour is there already and God through a supernatural wind will help you evangelise the world for Him. So we are excited because we are living in great days whereby we have the opportunities to bring the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the world and so the church must come together and must repent and turn to Christ because this is the only power that is going to stand in the last days. So I begin to pray I begin to weep before The Lord.
    The Lord told me well He is going to fulfill His Word and five years from now we are going to see tremendous change that’s going to come into this part of the world which we have never seen before. God said he was going to work this out in a tremendous way. So we have an awesome responsibility to get the Word out to the uttermost parts of the world”…
    So what is Vincent saying?
    Is he speaking about an invader? The enemy will just march right over this land without shooting sure suggests it.

    Sharon Moore, Betty Boske’s Daughter

    Sharon’s attitude to the invader when I spoke to her a few months before she died and went to be with The Lord, considering all she had heard over the years, was “I reckon it’s going to happen”.
    The people had become too sinful as a nation of people for it not to happen was Sharon’s thinking.
    I think she’s right.
    Pornography has created a generation of sex criminals and no one wants to stop it, abortion is everywhere, as is “biblical” sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol and violence are taking our streets.
    Christians are under attack for speaking out. Little works truly successfully at state government levels. People in government and responsible positions are falling into scandals. As Jack Burrell says in “What will become of Australia”, governments are becoming inept. There are never enough police?
    Many churches are lukewarm about Christ’s Loving message.
    Come to Him today if you feel The Holy Spirit calling you.
    Most Australians serve sport and television and pleasure and belief in themselves and not Jesus Christ Who died on the Cross for each one of us.
    SO…why wouldn’t God Judge the nation?
    The people mostly ignore His Word and pray very little for either their country or themselves.
    Sharon’s belief was that if there was an invader, the invader would be here for a while (as we see in Sharon’s letter to me) and that The Lord will raise up another nation to fight on our side later on…and He will drive them back.
    Jack Burrell’s knowledge is that the enemy stays on Australian soil and takes the northern half of the nation for himself.

    Personally I quietly wait to see if these revelations on an invader are true… how it all happens… if it does happen.
    It may be that we are seeing “prophecy in part” as one pastor pointed out to me. A bit of knowledge is Given to one Christian and another bit of knowledge is Given to another Christian.
    A bit of “Knowledge” to someone here, some to someone there, some in an earlier age, a few in this age.
    One of my old pastors, Mark B. says, and it’s worth paying attention too, “I wouldn’t worry unless there is a sudden increase in revelations about an invader”.
    So far the revelations are, I believe, early warnings about a possible future event …warnings about sin and coming Judgment.


    The invader could be wearing white uniforms against the heat of the outback sun when the invader comes.
    This revelation comes from a talk I had back in 1997 with a Christian lady friend of mine named Angela C. of Menai, Sydney about a talk she had with The Lord about the invader when Angela was holidaying on Lizard island QLD. She said The Lord revealed to her, white uniforms.
    …and there are other revelations I believe about refugees flooding back into southern States.
    Jack Burrell’s vision part-two spoke about people walking in the heat of the outback sun…
    Pro Hart, the Christian artist from Broken Hill NSW, spoke to me back in 1993 about a vision he had heard of, to a pastor somewhere, some years ago that revealed Australian soldiers rushing north to help people move south to escape an invader.
    This story may relate to Jack Burrell’s book or may be another revelation as well.
    Pro rang me up one day when I was living in Caringbah, Sydney after I sent him a letter on invader visions and we talked for about 25 minutes about the possibilities of Indonesia invading. He seemed concerned that the Indonesian government might be able to load soldiers into cargo ship containers undetected and they would simply sail their ships right into Australian harbours.
    David Kriss’s prophecy speaks about Indonesia as an invader; and there may well be an Indonesian incursion…but I really think its China.

    9. South Irian/OZ and NZ consumed?

    There was a map shown in Indonesian classrooms…I’ve got a photocopy of a photograph actually…see Exposure magazine volume 3 no. 6 1997 if you can locate it… revealing all of the land north of Townsville right across Australia as a place called “South Irian”, which shows there is a desire on Indonesia’s part to incorporate us into their greater Islamic state. I believe Islam also looks at New Zealand as part of their future empire as well… under that one heading “South Irian”.

    10. New South China/OZ and NZ consumed?

    A report from the Christian mission field in China from the 1980’s said that in Chinese classrooms it was being taught that Australia is a place to, one day, be re-named “New South China”, so we can also see the Chinese ambition to incorporate us as part of their communist government.
    I recently received another confirmation of China having maps calling Australia “New China”. This too came from a traveller in China in the 1980’s and was posted in the “letters” column of the Epoch Times a couple of years back after I asked about Australia being called “New South China.”

    I don’t write much on this subject of enemy soldiers in this part of the Pacific any more.
    Full-on for 15 years has worn me out.
    Its sad likewise for many of the prophets, it seems, have passed on to be with The Lord.
    And this ‘dying out of the prophets’ quite worried me.
    Who tells the tale, if the tellers are dead and all of their books or testimonies have gone to bookshelves or the waste bins?
    Do we just shelve the revelations they say they received from God? And if we do shelve them, does the knowledge remain on the earth? Or does it fade away and we end up with myth like the tales of Arthur and of Robin Hood?
    Jack Burrell has gone. Bette Boske’s gone. Sharon Moore’s gone. The rest seem to be scattered.
    I wait to see if any more visions and prophecies pop up anywhere?
    Over the years I’ve had an interesting and happy time with all of the writings on the invader.
    At the time I was long-term unemployed in rural Queensland and needed a mission.
    It came at the right time and I was thankful to The Lord for the opportunity.
    In December, 2006 I sold our Queensland house and moved back into Sydney (19/12/2006).
    I remember Jack saying in his book about a time coming when God would Speak to people about moving south; and others will move south because of the fear of what was coming (page 23 “What will become of Australia”).
    They would see it unfolding in the region as they look at events in those days.
    This moving thing, either north or south, is a subject for prayer.
    I’m not pushing anything as extreme as “upping house” and moving south without encouraging prayer and a clear answer back from The Lord first.
    God Looks after His people, all people, wherever they are, if they pray and acknowledge Him before they step out.
    HE really does.

    11. Conclusion on invader:

    There appears to be a number of revelations from The Lord about an invader on Australian soil in amongst the committed Christians here in this country.
    One David Kriss’s, suggests Indonesia.
    The other revelations could quite easily relate to China. I believe the invader is China.

    In Jack Burrell’s two-part vision, “coming down into northern India”, appears to be China.
    In these revelations we are looking at the loss of some portion of Australia, at least for a while, and The Lord Allowing it because of the sins of the people.
    A nation up to its neck in abortion, pornography, sexual immorality, alcohol, drugs and in the great falling away from Gods Holy Bible and the Christian churches…is not going to be blessed all that much.

    I don’t doubt that there are many other revelations out there amongst the committed Christians that would add to the small number I’ve come across.
    It would be good to see someone collect them.
    We might get a clearer picture regarding this subject?
    I think if more revelations had been Given by the Lord, and the people found out about them, and the knowledge really got into their hearts, the revelations would certainly help encourage Christian revival.
    It’s all about sin and turning from it…turning back to a personal commitment to Jesus.
    You and The lord …The Lord and you.
    “Everyone who calls on the Name of The Lord will be saved”…Romans 10:13.

    12. An invasion date?

    Everyone likes to know times.
    Yet Jesus encourages us to stay alert, to keep our lamps trimmed. “Yes indeed! I am coming soon” are His Words…Revelation 22:20.
    Vincent Tan’s prophecy had some times in it, though personally I don’t like setting times.
    If the invader is China then any invasion would probably be at the end of the seven year “tribulation” period after the initial appearance of the coming world leader, the antichrist, the beast of Revelation 13:16-18/14:9-11 when the “kings of the east” (Revelation 9:16 and 16:12) march across asia towards Armageddon.
    We will just have to wait and watch and pray.

    As with all prophecy, it’s only a genuine prophecy or vision if it happens.
    My old Bible college teacher Ross F. once said that The Lord sends prophecy and visions so that when the event does occur we can get comfort from the fact that He has forewarned us of the event and even though the prophesied event is presently (now) happening, He is still on the Throne and Still in Charge and able to care for us.
    The Lord always wants us praying for Australia…for Christian Revival and for preservation of our nation in hard times.
    13. Twin Towers.

    Though not too many folk outside the Christian churches realise it, but revelations were Given on the event prior to September 11.
    Pastor Dave Wilkerson of the Times Square Church NY was told by The Lord to shut down all church activities 6 weeks before the planes hit the twin towers and to pray for America.
    Dave didn’t know what was going to happen, but just that something big was going to rattle the nation.
    Two ladies connected to our church in Sydney, Australia also had visions.
    In the weeks prior to the twin towers one lady “saw” all of these ugly demons slowly circling the towers as if waiting for something to happen and the other lady “saw” these two tall towers burning in the upper floors.
    Neither lady knew exactly what the visions were speaking about, or what would happen, until the 11th September, 2001.
    I see these revelations as God Sending warnings about events prior to them happening. It would be interesting if there was a massive Christian website one could click on with everyone’s vision or prophecy on it.

    14. A brief look at Pastor Jack Burrell’s book “What Will
    Become of Australia” (circa 1975)

    A two-part vision of an invader on Australian soil

    Jack begins……. “Several years ago, I arose early in the morning, in the dark hours, to spend an hour in prayer and supplication with The Lord, as was my custom (The Lord when He was upon this earth, used to go out early in the morning and pray, so how much more do we need to do so). Having prayed I returned to my bed again, and went off to sleep. Perhaps I had not been asleep long before The Lord began to speak to me by way of a vivid dream showing me something of what will become of Australia. The dream came to me in two distinct parts.
    I saw a vision of a great map of the world spread out on a wall before me.
    The map was a white background with the outlines of the countries in black, very plain and very clear.
    As I looked in wonder at this great map, I was amazed to notice that a filling in was slowly taking place of certain countries, in black colour.
    What I saw reminded me of the pictures we used to see in our newspapers during the War when the Axis Powers were encroaching on countries, and each day their advance was indicated by filled in areas.
    I saw the blackness begin to fill in at the Northern end of India, and slowly move down until all of India was black. The black mass kept on moving and spreading, taking in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and all of Burma, and continuing down to fill in Malaya, and Sumatra and Borneo, on through Java and all of Indonesia, including West Irian.
    Then as Papua and New Guinea filled in, so also did the Northern end of Australia, and Australia slowly filled in right down to a line across the continent from North West Cape in the West to Cape Byron in the East. Here the filling in halted, and remained, leaving less than half of Australia not filled in.
    What I saw was the invasion of Australia by an alien force, and as I watched this revelation taking place I was somewhat relieved to see the invaders stop at Byron Bay for my own home was at Ballina, only a few miles South. The vision was so real.
    The map of the world faded away as I looked, and in my dream I was left thinking about it all, and I was telling myself that away in the far distant future, some day such a thing would happen, but not in my day. And I reasoned like this with myself until I was startled to find myself an actual participant in yet another vision even more vivid than the one I had just seen. A vision in a dream sent to me, I believe, to settle in my thinking a time factor, not in some far off day, but somewhere within my normal life span. I could be alive, and aware of the very invasion in actual time.
    Nowhere up to date have I been shown the identity of the invaders. Some people have speculated that they are Russian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or that Islam is to arise in Arabia, and extend its Empire right down to Australia. But I would not like to say anything until it was clearly revealed.
    In this second part of the dream I found myself to be out somewhere in the more Western and arid area of New South Wales or Queensland. It was outback country. I noticed the
    trees, all small like shrubs, Myall or Gidgea, low and scattered, as far as the eye could see.
    The air was full of rising dust, caused by the movement of stock, mostly cattle. And there was the noise of cattle, and of stockmen, and their dogs barking. I noticed that all the movement was in a Southward direction, and they were hurrying. Then I noticed people walking, and stopping to shelter with children in the scanty shade of the small trees because of the heat of the day.
    As I stood there looking at this unusual sight, a vehicle of the Australian Army forces drove up to me, and one of the occupants, an officer, spoke to me and said, “Get out of here as quickly as you can. We expect a battle to take place right here today in this area”.

    Note: Jack goes on to say here that because he “experienced” himself in the vision he felt that the invasion was going to happen in his lifetime. It didn’t, he is now passed on to be with the Lord, which can probably be explained in the fact that quite often Christians have seen and experienced themselves in revelations because it is how it works. Visions and dreams are a personal thing. They affect us personally because they are given to us personally. We “are in them”. My understanding is also that rarely does God give or set times for things to happen. Remember Bette Boske’s “enemy paratroopers at Mt. Isa” vision? No time was given for the paratroopers. HE wants us alert and watching as with the parable of the ten virgins and their lamps. Five were ready for their Masters’ return; five were not (Matthew 25:1). Basically He wants us in Christ, in church, reading His Word and witnessing about His Salvation (preaching the Romans 10:9-13 message).
    *Jack had other revelations from The Lord during this period associated with his “invader vision”…here is a list of events straight from “What will become of Australia” …page 20…
    There would be a time coming when…“people would lose faith in authority, and a breakdown will take place in attitudes leading to open rebellion against all forms of government. With the build-up of perplexity, and the breakdown of morale, will come a general falling away as we have never envisaged, reaching into homes, and schools, and places of employment, and clubs, and churches, and governments. Iniquity will abound at a rate hitherto undreamed of, and as the scripture says, ‘Evil men shall wax worse and worse’.
    A last ditch stand shall be made for material security by many people, and at any cost, by any means, and across the whole strata of society many people shall be trodden under the feet of so-called neighbours, and so-called friends.
    Greed and avarice will be like a consuming bush fire taking all before it, in big business, and mono-polising combines. But the Lord Himself will see to it that the righteous are fed, and clothed, and not lacking in any good thing. They shall be a wonder to the wicked, and a help to the poor and needy. They shall rejoice in the goodness of The Lord”.
    Demonic powers shall be evident as some people will yield themselves to strange forces, causing others to be deceived by them, whose destruction will come upon them from the powers that bind them. But all power which is not of God will utterly fail before The Name of the Lord, and any person who calls on The Name of The Lord shall be delivered.
    Lust is going to be like a great epidemic spreading out through the nation, leaving a trail of sorrow, and broken lives in its wake. It will not be safe for any girl, or woman, to be on their own. Sex will be emphasised through every medium possible, to gain and warp the imaginations of people, both young and old. Adultery will not be regarded as sin, and unfaithfulness will not be seen for what it is, a vow made to God, broken asunder. But The Lord will sanctify His people, and in the midst of corruption show them forth to principalities, and powers, as the Perfection of His Grace.
    There will be a strange fear stalking the land, driving many to consume alcohol and take drugs, or do anything in order to escape its darksome shadow. It will come upon people, bringing with it, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, and all manner of sickness. Hospitals will not be able to cope with the sick and dying. There will be many victims of violence, as crime, rape and godlessness abound.
    Famine is going to sweep the country, and right here in Australia there are going to be those who will starve to death. The famine will not be caused by droughts alone, although there will be strange weather behaviour bringing loss to rural areas, but the real cause will be political bungling and greed. Farmers will not be able to provide food because of a great fuel shortage, and transport difficulties. At this time world politics will be involved with the affairs of Australia…”

    Jack continues saying that there is a force coming…
    “like a terrible dust storm, showing itself stronger and stronger until all is engulfed by it, as it takes country after country until Australia is reached, and half of Australia is taken”.
    “Right now, at this present time, there are men of dark countenances gathering to plan, and to scheme, and to share their ideas for the fall, and the take-over of Australia. They are absolutely ruthless. They are not concerned about their own lives.
    They want to kill, and cause destruction. As the scripture says, “their feet are quick to shed blood”. They are gathering now. They are strengthening their positions. They are making ready to go to war with lands that are like unwalled cities, and defenceless against them. Their dark secret is to take all before them. But The Lord knows their secret, and desires to broadcast it from the rooftops, and make it known, for the sake of the righteous, and because of His mercy towards all who will turn to Him, before it is too late.
    When these things start to come to pass people living in the Northern half of Australia will flee to the South to shelter from the invader. Some will flee because they will take warning from The Lord, and others because of fear, The accommodation of so many will be a terrific problem, and how to feed them will be another”……. “There will be a programme of conscription of manpower and womanpower, whipped up by the government bodies for the defence of the country. As the invaders encroach further and further, the more intense the conscription will become, until only the young, and the old escape.
    When the invaders have finally taken possession of all of the northern half of Australia from its most easterly point to its most westerly point, a perimeter will be set up, and the advance of the invaders will be stayed because of some world political compromise being reached among world powers. And the invaders will keep the Northern half of Australia, and populate it with people of their own choice. The Southern part of Australia will be governed by a communist style government, and all land, and all property will be owned by the state. Farmers from the North will have to work land along with farmers in the South to provide food for the people…” and so it goes….

    “…….There will be no substantial peace, or freedom again in Australia, until that day when The Lord Jesus Christ shall return with power and glory to rule the world in righteousness. This is where the “Word of Wisdom” ceased, and I was left speechless. This was so final and so devastating that I wondered if there was any hope left anywhere. I am sure there is”.

    Jack said even though some people speculated that the invader Jack “saw” in the vision might be Chinese and other people Russian and others Japanese and others even Islam out of Arabia he personally felt he didn’t want to say who the invader was without further revelation from The Lord.
    I have left out some parts of Jack’s book because I felt they were too strong.
    The same I did with Naz Spirotto’s book.
    All through this little print I’ve tried to make the story as gentle as possible and gloss the lens with Vaseline so as not to make it too frightening for folks.

    Being a post-WW2 boy I looked at much of this knowledge through still “young eyes inside” and got quite a lot of encouragement from two films. One was Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze a film (reflecting a similarity to Australia’s 2008 national defences. Teenagers with bolt action rifles and bows and arrows cannot defend a nation) and Empire of the Sun with Christian Bale (showing what an invader would be like once he got here)

    15. Note: on Vincent Tan.

    Dr.Vincent Tan was once a gang member in Singapore.
    He was of Chinese parents and had become involved with a violent street gang and was known as “the Acid Bath Liquidator”. It was his job to dispose of the bodies of the people that the gang members had killed by putting them in acid.
    Vincent was giving his testimony on Brisbane television some years ago when I saw him initially.
    He was also saying on the audio tape that I got from Gladwyn Turners church, Southside Christian Fellowship that he was walking along a street in Singapore one day when he came to a street preacher who was speaking the Gospel (sadly I missed Vincent’s preaching when he came to Gladwyn’s church in 2000ad but managed to get the audio tape of it through a girl whom I knew who went to Gladwyn’s church and who knew I had an interest in the invader.)
    As Vincent started to move away from the preacher The Holy Spirit suddenly touched him and froze him to the spot and Vincent was forced to listen to the preacher preaching those Glorious Words of Salvation.
    This was how Vincent came to ask Jesus into his life as Lord and Saviour and became born-again.
    There and then, touched by God, he simply confessed his sins and believing that Jesus died on the Cross for his sins and that God raised Him from the dead, he got saved.
    *My understanding is that the Lord actually sent Vincent all the way down to Australia from Singapore in 2000ad to speak to the Christians here about the invader and the need to send out people into the harvest.
    My apologies if you live in the northern part of Australia; and happen to be reading this article. I didn’t write this publication on an invader to offend anyone who lived up north, but to continue the work others had started just in case the revelations are true.
    I was as accurate as I could be with the revelations; and of the stories told to me by others.
    If you are rattled up by this material, then pray about it. Inviting Jesus in gets rid of the fear.
    Call on His Name today and get saved…Romans 10:13.
    Talk to Him as you would a friend. Tell Him your troubles and ask Him to save you. If I have repeated myself a few times please forgive me for that too.

    16. Some interesting books…

    The Holy Bible…
    Luke chapter 21/Matthew 24, 2 Timothy chapter 3, I Thessalonians chapter 4, 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 and The Book of Revelation.

    “The Cosmic Conspiracy” by Stan Deyo (still available on the net)…
    and “Warning”, “Second Warning”, “Final Notice” and “PS” (4 books in all) by Pastor Barry Smith (NZ).

    For a good reference on the endtimes click on the internet.

    For a good lively Christian church consider Assembly of God, Christian Outreach Centre or Reachout for Christ or one of the many independent pentecostal/charismatic Christian churches.
    Some Baptist churches are on-fire as are some Anglican groups.
    The Salvation Army (I was once an adherent myself) also seems to be moving again in the Gifts of The Holy Spirit in some Corps.
    Did you know that once the Salvos were more pentecostal than many of today’s’ pentecostals?
    It would be great to see them back and fully on-fire like in the days of William and Catherine Booth.
    It was such a delight to see and be with Salvos on the post office corner in country town Queensland back in the 1980’s… with trumpet and tuba and timbrels.
    All that was Salvation Army outreach, in our country town, has mostly gone now:(

    If you have the internet you might also check out Dr. Samuel Doctorians “Five Angels of the Continents” revelation as well.

    17. Sharon Moore’s wave

    Sharon Moore said she had a vision one night many years ago of a huge wave washing across Surfers Paradise knocking over this building with the name “Jupiter’s” on the front of the building.
    Wasn’t she blown away years later when they built Jupiter’s Casino in Surfer’s Paradise; the same named building she had seen in the vision?
    She told me not too long before she died and went to be with Jesus, “I wouldn’t live down on the coast for quid’s”…and mostly she stayed away from the Gold Coast of Queensland.
    Sharon was a good woman in The Lord, with a great humour and with a tremendous heart for Jesus and for the lost.
    She seemed to have this Gift of being able to look at members of the congregation and know exactly what they had been up to in the previous week; and to draw them out the front of a church with her preaching, for the confession of sin and to establish a repentance.
    Dorothy, my wife, and I loved her very much.
    I remember the PNG tidal waves (3 in all at the time) and how the Christian Outreach Centre magazine had an article about how time and time again Christian missionaries had been sent into that area by The Lord to tell the people to stop their occult practices.
    They didn’t listen and they didn’t stop the witchcraft…and then finally the waves came.
    Do you think anybody is warning Surfers Paradise in 2008 about its sin?
    There’s no doubt in my mind that today it’s Australia’s sin city with its drugs, and bars, and prostitutes and Schoolies Week.
    Well…that’s about it on an invader. I know other stories about other things, but they await a new touch from the Lord to bring them to the surface.

    Want to be saved and find the peace you seek?
    Why…not go off into a room and pray to God as if He was a friend…invite Jesus Christ in, and get born again:)
    The happiest days of my life were amongst born again Christians in lively Christian churches.
    New South Wales

  10. And don’t forget to buy gold.

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  15. Re: China invading and Australians being obliterated and other scary ideas.

    Coffee Addict is right, in a way. Control of resources does not necessarily mean colonization, so China does not need to invade Australia. It just has to have access to our stuff, which it is getting. But if that access gets blocked, then plan B might be “regime change” in favour of China. But invasion is practically impossible, as long as the defending country has the capability to take out the population centres of the aggressor (with submarines in particular). What is developing in China is that China is going M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction), and so it won’t be bullied anymore when it comes to smaller regional matters.

    On bigger matters such as global war, I think it’s becoming less feasible for anyone to go on a big crusade with any chance of success. Eg: Iraq, Chechnya, South Ossetia..

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    May 4, 2009
  17. Ive really have learned a lot from your blog. Keep up the nice work.

  18. look I really don’t think china will invade us we might be small ‘in size but we have NZ America and the British as allies so communist china holding so much of Americas debt would not rock the boat by starting an all out invasion sparking war I find this scenario highly unlikely I think china’s biggest concern is the world currency so they can drop Americas debt they are currently holding I think we’ve become paranoid I do believe sometime later on in the future foriegn troops will be policing us come on thats becoming reality everyday how ever I do not believe its a single “china issue”.

    Jacinta the aussie
    April 30, 2010
  19. haha � the one who is posting the comments :D

  20. My greatest fear with an acendant china followed by india coupled with a decline in us power is that austral;ia will be left more and more to her own devices untill we reach a point that its becomes as clear as day that the us cannot and will not get into a major shooting war with china or india over australia…so as austrlai finally wakes up to itself and sees the writing on the wall and initiates an expansion of her military and a clandestine nuclear weapons programme aquisition the chinese will see this and make their move and all will be lost.
    They will aquire whatever parts of australia they desire and there wont be a finger lifted in the international community.
    Australia will have freedom fighters mabey having access to bilogical weaponsm and the rest will be history….we will be deemed a terrorist state and the ensuing mass carnage of the australia people will be dressed up as such…

  21. “…bilogical weaponsm…”


    Australia’s superior intelligence, with a little XXXX added… . :D

    Biker Pete
    January 4, 2011
  22. Hmmm – Hope all my Chinese rellies will put a good word in for me then?

    Does anyone recall the ole joke about what Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they where surrounded by hundreds of renegade redskins and the Lone Ranger opined “Well my red brother, it looks like it truly IS the end for us this time!” ??? :D

    Don’t sweat it Mike – Indonesia will want our resources eventually too. And as god fearing Mussies they’ll protect us from any harm and injustice from the infidel! ;)

  23. errata: where??? => were!!! :D

  24. Doncha love these chronological flashbax, Ned? Deja vu all over again… :D

  25. I can see why some of the old timers I’ve known over the years have seemed a bit less excitable than some of the youngies Biker.

    Conquest, War, Famine and Death – Brings to mind “Age shall not weary them” for some reason? :)

  26. Ned: “…the old timers I’ve known over the years have seemed a bit less excitable than some of the youngies…”

    Well, one could respond that we’ve seen it all before, perhaps… but that’s neither true nor complex enough. Don’s quote “History repeats itself until it doesn’t” is probably relevant.

    The patience we’ve had to learn may help explain it. I’ve recounted how I had to move out of the city in the late sixties, to achieve my goal of home ownership. Just couldn’t afford anything on an annual wage of $2200. Mine dew there was no-one around promising a 40% discount, or that Australia’s largest trading partners would go bust, or that its banks would fall over and interest rates would fall to zero.

    Had I heard and believed these prophecies, who knows? I might still be homeless… .

  27. Can’t remember where I read it years ago, but there was a “prediction” that we would see aliens landing in 2012 who would come in peace and tell us mere Earthlings that the way forward was to dismantle armed forces, unite under a single government and currency and forego separate religious beliefs.
    Because they were so advanced, we would change our ways to follow their example and the golden age would begin.
    Conspiracy theorists would say it was all staged by certain Governments to ensure total control was gained over the populace.
    I’ve seen movies that borrow some of these ideas.

    Gotta say it feels like the world is marking time at present, with markets not really doing much. Waiting for a catalyst of some sort to determine the future, either up or down. Or maybe it’s just January, not much happening at work, not terribly enthused after 6 weeks holidays and back on deck yesterday.

  28. It is very unlikely that China will invade Australia because of the distance between the two countries and the clearance needed to go through all the countries to attack Australia and also this may damage Chinas reputation among the UN and the world community.

    If China did invade Australia and annexed it these would be the pros and cons for China and the aftermath.

    Pros- More natural resources
    More land space for expansion and industry
    Strategic point for ongoing invasion of nearby countries for further expansion and resources if necessary.

    Cons- Bad reputation as mentioned above
    Resource drain
    Other countries might see that Chinas resources are low and military is exhausted because of an attack on a large far away country and attack and deem there attack simply as ‘peacekeeping’ or ‘backing up an ally’.


    After China annexes Australia growing fear and dispute is rising in the foreign community and people around the world are wondering about what to do about this event.

    Chinas resources and military capabilities are low and exhausted and nearby countries are preparing for an attack on China because of this.

    As many countries view the invasion as violent and unnecessary most countries sanction all trade from China and China goes into a depression long after because it cannot sustain itself.

    Nearby countries attack China while the country is defenseless leading to annexation by another country while local residents rebel and using gorilla tactics try to recapture Australia with help from local and foreign allies.

    And anyways China would never attack Australia because they know its not
    worth it and can simply buy Australian land and Companies.


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