Bear Stearns

Copenhagen Climate Talks Possibly Sent the Market Higher
The S&P 500 hit a 14-month high overnight. The conventional wisdom is that two news events are responsible. This is probably wrong. But let's look at both events anyway and see what happened.

The first is that Abu Dhabi extended a $10 billion in financing to debt-distressed Dubai. Hossanah! Remember, Dubai is not Lehman. It's Bear Stearns.
Bullish On Silver
Well, maybe not all buying is drying up, as silver market analyst, Ted Butler, reports that in the last 10 months, "some 150 million ounces of silver can easily be documented to have been bought by investors.
Bankers Going Galt
Why aren't the banks lending locally and what are they doing instead? Well, they're probably terrified that commodity prices won't recover any time soon, rendering the collateral posted by mining companies worth a lot less. Or, worried about future losses in commercial property, the banks are saving up for a rainy day.
Angry Mortgagees Protesting Bear Stearns Favouritism
Last Wednesday, a bunch of peeved mortgagees protesting government favoritism in the Bear Stearns case entered the lobby of the company’s (soon-to-be-former) headquarters building in midtown Manhattan. While it might not seem like much, I view the symbolic “penetration” of this corporate stronghold as the very first sign of a much broader citizen revolt against the extraordinary protections being shown to crapped-out investment banker boyz...
The Kindness of Strangers in the East is Waning
The background for this latest crisis is what we've been reckoning within these Daily Reckonings for so many months. The geniuses at Bear Stearns had their calculators...their Black Sholes Option Pricing Model...their mathematicians...their risk figures... They had some of the finest minds in the country - or at least, some of the finest minds money could buy on Wall Street.