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What you are seeing in Australia’s economy, in the global financial system and in the markets right now is not normal.

According to Daily Reckoning contributor and investment legend Jim Rickards, a contagion is spreading. The time scale of this global financial contamination is not necessarily limited to days or weeks. These panics can play out over months and years. What look like unconnected distant events are actually indications and warnings of something much more dangerous to come…

What began as a slowdown in China has now spread to almost all emerging markets. And now the other Western markets are being affected… as investors dump risky assets such as stocks, and jump into more liquid assets such as money market funds, Treasury securities and bank deposits.

Jim Rickards latest controversial book is called The Big Drop. And it shows that, this time, Australia won’t be spared from the spreading contagion…

For years, Australia has sat on the sideline — with our mining boom chugging along — watching rolling financial crises overseas as an observer, rather than a participant.

According to Jim Rickards, on 3 February 2015, that changed.

A Big Drop is coming. Australia is about to play a key role in this Big Drop.

And, believe me, you need to prepare for it.

Who is Jim Rickards and why is his new ‘secret book’ so important that we’re publishing it for our readers?

I first met Jim Rickards face-to-face in 2014. We managed to convince him to get on a plane and present at our World War D conference in Melbourne. He let us exclusively launch his last book. But he also stole the show with a presentation called ‘Mutually Assured Financial Destruction — The Future of Warfare is Financial War’.

While most people know Jim as a two-time New York Times best-selling author (or have seen him on TV), his experience actually spans 35 years on Wall Street.

In the late 90s, after the famous meltdown of the Long Term Capital Management hedge fund, Jim was the expert the US Federal Reserve turned to, to save the entire financial system from collapse.

Less well known is Jim’s extensive work within the government where he’s been an advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence — that oversees the NSA, the CIA, and 14 other US intelligence agencies.

In fact, after September 11, he was recruited by the CIA to develop a program to investigate stock market signals that could identify terrorist activities before they occurred (like the bets against airline stocks before 9/11).

His intelligence work there successfully predicted a major terrorist event in London just days before the attack. Thankfully, Scotland Yard thwarted the attack and saved hundreds of lives.

Because of his deep knowledge of international banking and the interplay of world currencies, the Pentagon called him when they conducted their first ever financial ‘war game’. Jim’s role was to advise the intelligence agencies on how America could defend against other countries launching covert financial warfare attacks against the US banking system.

At least a year before the 2008 crisis, Jim was telling anyone who would listen that there was trouble and instability in the system. Of course, he was right then too…

But right now he’s predicting an even bigger global financial crisis — only this one will smash down on Australia in ways the last one did not...

It’s rare to get a globally-recognised market guru of Jim Rickards’ nature to swoop down and focus on a country and economy like Australia. In his books, conferences and TV appearances he tends to stick to the mega-big picture.

But something has changed in the last few months. Australia has become a key part of that big picture in a way it just wasn’t before. It’s critical you know what that part is. And that you prepare your investments accordingly, before it’s too late.

Jim explains exactly how in his new book called The Big Drop.

To download your digital copy, click here.

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