The Beginning of ‘The End of Australia’
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It is well documented that Australian households are one of the most indebted in the world per capita. Hardly the international recognition we want.
The Unfolding Global Energy Shift
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Drillers in the US are pumping record levels of oil and gas. The US is on track to be a net exporter of natural gas in 2018 — for the first time ever
End of March Correction Presents Buying Opportunities
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The Aussie market tends to follow US stock markets — the largest in the world. If the Dow pulls back as I expect, that offers a great opportunity to buy more of your favourite stocks.
This Is Why Many Traders Get Wiped Out
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Today’s update is about managing risk. I’m going to show you how trade size — and the number of stocks in your portfolio — can affect performance.
Are the Odds Really with You in Your Share Trading System?
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I bet if you came across a trading system which generated profits 75% of the time, you’d be pretty keen to give it a go. With that kind of win rate, the odds should be firmly stacked in your favour.
The End of Rising Share Prices
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The other trend to consider when looking at secular bull and bear markets is the share price to earnings (PE) ratio.
Why Investors Deserve to Get Mauled
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Investors are their own worst enemy… Chasing returns, they want all the gains on the way to the top, with none of the losses.
Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Australia
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Vern sees serious problems with Australia’s economy. We agree on this point. I just don’t think it will lead to a stock market collapse. Not yet anyway.
The End of Australia?
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The End of Australia is a provocative title for a book. It’s alarming. It’s upsetting. And it goes against much of what we hold to be true about this great country of ours.
Catching On to the Real Estate Bubble
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The Aussie housing market is (to use the words of a certain Donald J Trump) a ‘big fat bubble’. And it’s a bubble ready to burst.
Donald Trump Owns the Fed, the Dollar and Gold
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Trump has the opportunity to fill more seats on the Fed’s board of Governors than any president since then. His influence goes further than that, however.
Why Gold Bulls Love Yellen
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If we hear any dovish comments on interest rates this week, gold could keep pushing higher into next week.
Is the Commodity Bull Market Coming to an End?
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Oil prices fell heavily. Gold's under pressure, and iron ore prices are off their highs. Is this a standard correction for commodity markets, or is the fledging bull market about to come to an end?
Is the Lithium Boom Over?
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ORE’s share price is down 5% today. Since peaking at $5 in late January, the stock price is down a whopping 46%.
Property Market Gap
Picnics on Vesuvius
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For as little as $2,500 an acre, you could have your own oceanfront paradise. At least until Vesuvius erupts…
No Quick Fix for the US Economy
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Yes…the Fed makes the US economy stronger by faking interest rates and flooding it with ‘savings’ (credit) that no one ever saved.
Welcome to Bubble Land
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All news in economics is fake. As for facts, we don’t believe them, unless we made them up. And the more you're sure you're right, the more you're doomed.

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