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ASX 200 at 5900 Points By Friday…
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While it could fall with the bond market during any future crisis, the US stock market should continue to make new highs this year. And the ASX should follow along for the ride.
Confessions of a Climate Change Sceptic
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Climate change may or may not be man-made. What matters is that climate change awareness is leading to positive developments in the renewables energy space.
Who Needs to be a Millionaire to Retire?
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Nervousness over which will expire first: you or your capital… These issues impact the majority of retirees…some more consciously than others.
Should Trump ‘Unleash’ Wall Street?
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Why should stocks be so expensive? Oh, yes…because the Trump Team is going to light a fire under Wall Street. But they must be wondering about that, too.
Why Link Admin Shares Are Soaring Today
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The Link board also announced an interim unfranked dividend of 6 cents per share to be paid on 3 April 2017. The ex-dividend date is 21 March 2017.
Why Women Are Better at Investing
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Women tend to be calmer, possess a longer-term outlook, do more research on their investments and remain steady under pressures.
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Beware a Gold Price Correction
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Today I’m going to take a look at the gold price. It’s dropped off the radar a bit lately, despite the yellow metal having a pretty good run so far in 2017.
Why Gold Is the Ace Up Trump’s Sleeve
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It may be early in the life-cycle of the President Trump trend, but the outlook is clear: This is good for gold. Gold is the ace up Trump’s sleeve.
Gold Price Set to Hit US$1,260 per Ounce
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When, as I expect, stocks start pulling back in the weeks ahead, gold should rally sharply. In other words, get ready for US$1,260 per ounce gold.
Gold Is the Only Solution
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The only way to stop this trend without causing a major crisis is to bring gold back into the system as an official measure of value.
This Is Not a Market for the Fainthearted
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The Dow Jones is just shy of 20,000 points. This growing appetite for risk — with borrowed money — should be a warning sign flashing in red.
The Ice-Nine Lockdown
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The metaphor of Ice-Nine is that it spreads from molecule to molecule, institution to institution, requiring a freeze on the entire financial system.
Oil and Power Industry
Why WorleyParsons Ltd Shares Slumped Today
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Shares of WorleyParsons Ltd [ASX:WOR] fell more than 12% today as the company revealed outstanding debts of $230 million from state government-owned businesses, and a loss of $2.4 million.
Here Comes the Stock Market Correction…
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If you’re not already part of this bull market, the coming stock market correction should offer a great opportunity to buy stocks cheap.
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An Homage to Love
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Death…love…the future…the economy — all are fundamentally unknowable. You never know what you’ll get. But you always get what you deserve.
This Is How the US Empire Destroys Itself
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Household income in the US is now lower than it was at the end of the last century. In the year 2000, the typical household had an income of $58,574.
God Promised to Drain the Swamp
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In order for Trump to govern well, he must reduce the reach of government. He must drain the swamp.

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