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‘Farewell Welfare’ — Part II
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Welfare promises — made in times of lower life expectancies, when less people were at the apex of society’s pyramid (and during the greatest credit boom in history) — are going to be reneged upon.
The Australian Economy Has Failed to Transition
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The almost constant refrain we see from so-called market experts is that the Aussie economy is transitioning well. It’s moving from a resources-based economy to a services-based economy.
Only 75? You’re Too Young to Retire!
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Tax receipts should help buffer coffers this year. And they need every cent they can get to help the burdensome age pension limp along a bit longer.
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Farewell, Welfare State
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The feds are no longer counting on the next generation to make the welfare state work; they’re sending the bills to a future generation that has not even been born yet.
Does the Deep State Have It in for Trump?
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If we’re right…and the main goal of the Deep State is to shift power and money from the rest of society to itself…what purpose is served by annoying the new commander in chief?
Could a Business ‘Uniform’ Save You Time?
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If you do decide to create a business uniform, get creative with it. Just because you’ll wear it every day doesn’t mean it has to be stiff and boring.
Back to Our Future
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Investors disappointed in the share market. Interest rates rising. Gold price, going from strength to strength. This was the market wrap for early 1980.
A Bull Market Remix
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In one of the most long-awaited interest rate hikes in history, overnight, the US Federal Reserve bumped up the Fed funds rate by 25 basis points.
Why You Should Get Ready to Buy Stocks
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The stock market is booming, and the US Fed wants to raise rates three times this year. That’s not bearish for stocks by any means.
Here’s What Will Happen in 2017
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The new year ahead will be like none we have ever seen before. 2017 promises to be full of surprises, but, with this basic blueprint, you’ll be ready for anything.
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Embrace the Fact That You Actually Know Nothing
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I urge you to look for the investment opportunity that doesn’t make sense. It didn’t make sense that oil and commodities would be among the best performers in 2016.
Understanding the Crude Oil Short Squeeze
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You probably heard, OPEC stuck to its word and agreed to cut crude oil production. What followed was the biggest short squeeze since 2009. So, what’s next?
The Morning after ‘Morning in America’
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Trump, if you believe the press, is supposed to cut taxes and boost spending, thus touching off a Reagan Redux…the morning after the ‘Morning in America’.
The Age of ‘Trumpismo’
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Under Trumpismo, the people’s hero is not held back by any particular loyalty — neither to individuals nor to creeds.
The End of Obamacare? Not So Fast…
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Obamacare has enrolled 20 million new people, lowering the uninsured rate to 9% from 16%. The newly insured, too, will fight to protect their benefits.

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