A Portfolio for These Interesting Times

A Portfolio for These Interesting Times

In his latest editions of The Daily Reckoning Australia, Jim Rickards has been diving into the different aspects of these interesting times we live in.

Pandemics, tapering, inflation, asset bubbles…the list goes on and on. But what can you do to manage all these different things?

Today, Jim outlines what he sees as necessary to a portfolio equipped to handle these interesting times.

But first, he outlines another factor that massively impacts our economy — geopolitics. Read below to see how this could affect your investments and get Jim’s advice on what to do about it.

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Callum Newman,
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PS: There’s no bigger story in the markets today than the outlook for oil.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict risks shutting Russian oil out of the market at a time when inflation is raging around the world. Oil could soar to US$150 or sink back toward US$70, depending on future events.

Find out what’s more likely…and more!…as we chat with energy analyst and private equity investor Mark Rossano.

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