About Us

About Us

The Daily Reckoning offers an independent and critical perspective on the Australian and global investment markets. We do not propose to tell you what the news is. You can find that out anywhere. Instead, we try and tell you what news is worth paying attention to and what it might mean for your money.

From the people that brought you the New York Times business #1 bestseller Financial Reckoning Day comes The Daily Reckoning Australia.

The Daily Reckoning Team has the most innovative way of weaving valuable information about investing and living into a format that is not only educational but also entertaining. In each e-mailed issue you’ll receive irreverent and razor-sharp commentary on the world of investment and politics… including information about what’s happening in the US, the UK, Europe, Asia and South Africa. But most importantly, you will receive analysis of the Australian economy so you can see how world events relate specifically to your interests.

You won’t find more thought provoking writing anywhere on the Internet.

Contrarian Investing
Slightly offbeat and far from institutional, The Daily Reckoning delivers you straight-forward, humorous, and useful investment insights from a world wide network of analysts, contrarians, and successful investors.

It’s FREE!
That’s correct… you can read the Daily Reckoning and never pay a cent! We are entirely supported by our advertisers, so of course, we wouldn’t mind if you clicked on a few ads here and there!

In demand
The Daily Reckoning global network has over 1,000,000 readers!

Five times a week via email you’ll receive world-class investment, geopolitical and most important of all-practical insight into the best investment ideas not covered by mainstream sources.

Editorial Team

Al Robinson was born & bred in the very heart of the Victorian gold fields, Allan Robinson was born with gold in his blood. A specialist in Australian mining & resource stocks, Al pens the Australian resource investing publication Diggers & Drillers. He is also a contributing editor to the Australian small cap newsletter The Australian Small Cap Investigator. Al graduated from The Univeristy of Melbourne with a specialisation in finance.

Dan Denning is the author of 2005’s best-selling The Bull Hunter (John Wiley & Sons). A specialist in small-cap stocks, Dan draws on his network of global contacts from his base in Melbourne, Australia and pens the small cap newsletter, The Australian Small Cap Investigator. He is also a contributing editor to the Australian resource investing publication Diggers & Drillers.

Gabriel Andre is a former Futures and FX trader/portfolio manager, Gabriel Andre has worked in several hedge funds and asset management firms, both in Europe and Australia. He is a contributing editor to both Diggers & Drillers and the Australian Small Cap Investigator.

What Our Readers Say

Hi Guys,

Love your daily report – I have found it very insightful and written in an easy, amusing style. What better way to learn?




Until I started reading Bill Bonner, I felt I lived in an horrifying reality best described in Alice in Wonderland. I have taken much courage from reading Bill’s erudite, accurate, and honest posts and just wanted to say thank you. It is such a relief (and with a bit of glee) to witness Bill routinely pierce the veils of BS so powerfully progogated in the mass media echo chamber.




Just thought I would let you know that whilst I receive countless financial emails daily I view yours as something special. I am not looking for the same old humdrum I am looking for news that is out of left field. Now you guys would be off the planet if you went any further left but it is refreshingly different. I get through the humdrum first and get my mind sorted and save you for last as a check. It is certainly an insane moment in time but I am still finding investment opportunities.

Thanks for your comments,



I am always amazed at the quality of writing day in and day out. By far my favorite of the global daily reckoning.



Hi Guys,

love your work, with your guidance I made 2 good choices, sold my
2nd home and cleared a pile of debt and I have a little stash of Gold and
Silver that I like to count at night by candlelight like some Dickensian
figure while cackling quietly to myself (much to the distress of my wife and
child), who would have thought money could be better than sex and TV.



Dear Dan and DR team

I just wanted to write and thank you for the great quality of information you provide in your newsletter. I always look forward to it and it really provides such a different perspective from the dreadful mainstream news media in Australia. They provide no analysis and are steadily getting worse.

Keep up the good work, we really need you to keep providing Australians with objective and useful information.

Best Regards