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My name is James Woodburn, and I’m the publisher of the Daily Reckoning here in Australia.

I’m delighted you’ve joined us.

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The Daily Reckoning — or the ‘DR’, as it’s affectionately known — has been in the business of independent financial forecasting since 1999.

Ever since then our aim has been pretty simple…

To look at and study the world and markets, and to give you our best guess as to where they’re headed.

We want to give you the tools to protect yourself, and profit, from the ideas and trends the mainstream press overlooks — or won’t tell you about.

Well there is one idea — and one all-
encompassing trend
— that’s taking
place in Australia right now

It’s perhaps the most important idea for Australian investors in the last 50 years…and potentially, the most profitable.

This idea came to me via Callum Newman, The Daily Reckoning Australia’s Editor-in-Chief.

Callum specialises and excels hunting down “alpha” in the financial markets.

What is alpha?

You’ll find out below from Callum himself.

All I will say here is that this story is something every serious investor in Australia should play close attention to.

And you should do so NOW.

No one can explain it better than Callum, so now I’ll hand you over to him…


In 2018, an unstoppable revolution in crypto technology could force every major industry in Australia to change drastically…or disappear forever

In the process, quick-thinking speculators could make ten-to-fifteen times their money…as they invest ahead of the great:


Primed by the bitcoin boom…fuelled by the disruptive tech potential…blockchain stocks are starting to go crazy. In October 2017 alone

•  Overstock DOUBLED in 4 weeks…

•  360 Blockchain shot up +300% in 6 DAYS…

•  Riot Blockchain rocketed +125% in 24 HOURS…

•  On-line Blockchain soared +394% in a MORNING…*

FORGET COINS. This could amount to the hottest market in history…the ultimate ground-floor investment opportunity of our time…and it’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Read on to find out exactly how you could make up to ten… maybe as much as FIFTEEN TIMES your money from the ‘Blockchain Switchover’ before the end of 2018…

…Starting with a stake in three little-known crypto stocks currently
selling for cents…

Dear investor…

Once — maybe twice — in your life, you get a chance to invest in something that changes the world…just before it does.

This could be one of those times.

I’m not talking about bitcoin…

Or Ethereum. Or Litecoin. Or Ripple…

Or any of the other cryptocurrencies that became famous overnight in 2017.

The REAL crypto boom has nothing to do with coins…

The bigger story — the true global game-changer — is the technology behind bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution…


Get used to saying it.

Soon, you’ll be shouting about it.


You need to pay attention
to this development

If you have cash to invest, stop what you’re doing and give me the next few minutes.

Over the next 12-24 months, blockchain technology could be adopted by pretty much every Australian industry you can think of.

This is what I call the great ‘blockchain switchover’.

Think of it like the big digital TV switchover that happened across Australia in 2013.

Same idea: New tech is going to replace old, right across the country — at the flick of a switch.

This could hand investors like you the chance to make a fortune in 2018.

This is a crypto play, after all…

That’s why I’m coming to you today with this…specifically to tell you about three small, little-known blockchain stocks currently listed for peanuts.

Reader, they may not be for long…

Anything blockchain related — even remotely — is getting flooded with cash as soon as word gets out

In October 2017 alone…

•  Overstock DOUBLED in 4 weeks…

•  360 Blockchain shot up +300% in 6 DAYS…

•  Riot Blockchain rocketed +125% in 24 HOURS…

•  On-line Blockchain soared +394% in a MORNING…

Have you ever heard of anything like it?

Two months later, in December, Hong Kong-based UBI Blockchain surged an unbelievable 900%!

A huge pile of cash suddenly got dropped on the stock by frenzied crypto speculators, looking for a fresh kill…

CEO Tony Liu told Bloomberg:

We believe the general public is confusing our blockchain technology with bitcoin companies.

He’s exactly right.

To speculators, this looks very much like the next act of the crypto boom.

And they want IN.

It’s happening now.

This is NOT a slow-burning story.

It’s more like setting fire to magnesium ribbon. Blockchain stocks look poised to take off fast and burn bright — just like bitcoin did last year.

And when the sun sets on 2018… you could have ten…maybe even FIFTEEN times more money in your bank account than you have right now

Provided you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you…and invest ahead of the ‘switchover’…

Like I say — this is moving fast. Some smart Aussie companies have already gotten onto the front foot with their ‘blockchain switchover’ strategy.

•  Property group Scentre is currently trialling a blockchain solution to speed up the process of securing bank guarantees for commercial leases…

  Australia Post is building a blockchain-enabled platform for verifying people’s identities digitally. (So no one can fraudulently sign for your mail.)

Other companies are — right now — frantically searching for ways to adopt blockchain technology into their business model.

Especially banks and financial services companies.

They watched bitcoin’s rise last year with extreme trepidation…

See, blockchain showed that digital currency could work without them.

Now the banks are freaking out…throwing money out left, right and centre…desperate to create their own ‘blockchain plan’.

Check this out:

•  Commonwealth Bank and Westpac — two of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks — are part of a banking consortium that just invested AU$107 million in blockchain start-ups…

•  ANZ is currently trialling a new international payments network created by blockchain company Ripple Labs…

•  HSBC Australia partnered with fintech start-up Moneycatcha in October — to develop two blockchain platforms: One for home loans; the other for compliance…

•  he ASX just dropped AU$14.9 million to buy a 5% interest in Digital Asset. This is a company that builds blockchain platforms for managing trade settlement.

In total, Australian companies have already spent AU$675 million trying to figure the blockchain out

That’s a colossal amount of money…

It says something that the banks are taking the blockchain threat this seriously.

This alone should pique your interest…

If not, let me spell it out again for you.

In my view…

This is a golden, and URGENT, investment opportunity…

One that could see you make ten…or even FIFTEEN times your money this year…

Starting with three small ‘blockchain switchover’ investments you can make as soon as today…

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Oh, and one final thing…

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Best wishes,

James Woodburn

Publisher, The Daily Reckoning Australia