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My name is James Woodburn, and I’m the publisher of the Daily Reckoning here in Australia.

I’m delighted you’ve joined us.

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The Daily Reckoning — or the ‘DR’, as it’s affectionately known — has been in the business of independent financial forecasting since 1999.

Ever since then our aim has been pretty simple…

To look at and study the world and markets, and to give you our best guess as to where they’re headed.

We want to give you the tools to protect yourself, and profit, from the ideas and trends the mainstream press overlooks — or won’t tell you about.

Well there is one idea — and one all-
encompassing trend
— that’s taking
place in Australia right now

It’s perhaps the most important idea for Australian investors in the last 50 years…and potentially, the most profitable.

This idea came to me via Callum Newman, The Daily Reckoning Australia’s Editor-in-Chief.

Callum specialises and excels hunting down “alpha” in the financial markets.

What is alpha?

You’ll find out below from Callum himself.

All I will say here is that this story is something every serious investor in Australia should play close attention to.

And you should do so NOW.

No one can explain it better than Callum, so now I’ll hand you over to him…


In a discreet office in Melbourne’s CBD a handful of early
private investors are quietly popping champagne corks

This is your one chance to join them and get in on…


Find out why this $32 billion dollar industry is about
to look to this tiny Aussie tech firm to save them from
Amazon’s imminent arrival…

…and potentially turn every dollar you investment
into $10$20$50even $100, or more

One dollar into one hundred dollars..?

That’s an extremely big move.

And bloody rare.

But it COULD be possible in the months ahead, thanks to two unique market parallels playing out right now.

One involves the fourth largest company in the world, which EVERYONE has heard of.

The other involves one of the world’s smallest companies, which practically NO ONE has heard of.

The fortunes of both are on
a collision course

I’ll start with the big…

In 2018, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is due to get going in Australia…

This country has never seen competition like this.

Last year Amazon generated US$136 billion.

It dwarfs any company in Australia for size.

More than 300 million people worldwide use Amazon, for everything from books and t-shirts…to golf clubs and footy boots…to fridges and car parts…and now, even food.

Amongst this enormous logistical operation, Amazon prides itself on one thing above all else…

The customer experience.

That’s you, dear reader.

Amazon will do absolutely everything — and I
mean EVERYTHING — to get you what you
want, cheaper and faster than anyone else

Amazon has set the worldwide benchmark on this.

Its entire business model is built around it.

Fast shipping is the “flywheel” that drives consumer uptake of Amazon Prime, its member loyalty program.

In fact, it’s so important than Amazon will lose money at first to get you into it.

But CEO and founder Jeff Bezos isn’t stupid.

He knows it’s a numbers game.

Prime members go on to spend 40% more on Amazon than non-Prime customers.

That makes Prime the key offer to bring people into Amazon’s ecosystem, and create a lifetime customer.

Consider…Amazon has an astonishing 65 million+ members.

That’s over 20% of the population of the USA!

Why did Americans join Prime in such huge numbers?

One thing: Free and rapid shipping.

Customers repeatedly buy from Amazon because, hey, it’s free to get the product in their hand. And they can return anything they don’t like.

That’s the impetus that sent Prime into the stratosphere.

From here, money pours into Amazon’s coffers.

Well get ready…

Amazon is going to replicate this here
– and create a SHOCKWAVE

It means every retailer in Australia is going to have to do everything it possibly can to compete.

Adapt or die — there’s no choice here for them.

What does this mean for you as an investor?

This is going to trigger a rush of investment into one key sector.

And I believe I’ve found the one firm on the share market to make it happen…and benefit massively from it.

In short, the arrival of the world’s fourth-largest company in 2018 could prove to be an EPOCHAL EVENT for this firm…

The catalyst that could send this company’s share price from a single dollar today…

…to well on its way to $5…$10…$50…or even double that again, over the next three to five years.

If you think that sounds far-fetched, fine.

All I ask is that you hold judgement for the next few minutes…

Because, mark my words, Amazon’s arrival will disrupt the status quo in Australia.

But there’s a flipside to this disruption.

A potentially extremely profitable flipside.

For the full story, click here.


Oh, and one final thing…

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Best wishes,

James Woodburn

Publisher, The Daily Reckoning Australia