The Daily Reckoning Australia Gold Quiz — Test Your Knowledge on Gold

The Daily Reckoning Australia Gold Quiz — Test Your Knowledge on Gold

Welcome to The Daily Reckoning Australia’s Gold Quiz. This quiz is a unique way to test your knowledge of the precious metal and hopefully learn a few things along the way. With the coronavirus panic ripping through markets, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with one of the world’s favourite safe havens.

If you ace it, then well done — you’re probably a regular Daily Reckoning reader. If not, consider this a great starting point for your gold journey.

Remember, gold is not primarily a speculative exercise. Instead, in the words of our editor Shae Russell, gold is ‘a multi-decade investment’. All of the correct responses to this quiz are the result of countless discussions Shae has had with gold experts. These include the likes of Jim Rickards and Rick Rule, as well as a host of prominent Australian gold mining personalities. Shae says, ‘Don’t trust me, trust them!

At the end of the quiz, you’ll get two excellent gold resources:

  • An interview with Jim Rickards where he talks about where he sees gold going in the next few years
  • Shae’s latest report, ‘Best Way to Buy, Sell & Store Gold’

Finally, none of the content provided in this quiz should be seen as financial advice. The answers reflect the opinion of our editor and are not recommendations — these are provided in our paid services.

Now that we are clear on that, enjoy The Daily Reckoning Australia’s Gold Quiz!