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About Catherine Cashmore:

Catherine Cashmore has an in-depth knowledge of the Australian real estate market that few can rival. As a property market veteran of 14 years, Catherine Cashmore helps her clients secure quality real estate at the best possible price.

As President of Australia's oldest economics organisation, Prosper Australia, Catherine is a regular and highly respected media commentator around Australian real estate and property trends. She is often called upon to give guest lectures to university students (including RMIT and Sydney University) on how tax policy affects real estate, the design of cities, and the economy.

Originally from the UK, and having lived in the US, Catherine Cashmore has extensive experience across a range of international real estate markets for those interested in property investment overseas.

Catherine Cashmore is currently the editor of Fat Tail Investment Research’s Cycles, Trends & Forecasts — a publication that teaches real estate investors about the property cycle and its effects on the economy.

Articles by: Catherine Cashmore