Biden, Bobulinski, and Lots of Money — The Biden Family Scandal

Biden, Bobulinski, and Lots of Money — The Biden Family Scandal

Despite media blackouts and social media censorship, most Americans have heard about the Biden family scandals involving China, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

The basic outline is simple. While Joe Biden was vice president, and after he left office, his son Hunter Biden — working with several partners including Dennis Archer, Tony Bobulinski, and others — reached out to oligarchs and parties with links to the Communist Party of China to structure deals.

These transactions involved millions of dollars of payments to Biden family members in exchange for White House meetings and government favours from Joe Biden. Payments were disguised as ‘consulting fees’, ‘management fees’, and ‘director fees’, but little or no work was performed and expertise in the needed areas was completely lacking on Hunter Biden’s part.

The money was split, with a share going to Joe Biden. He did not receive the money directly. Instead it was paid to Hunter and to Joe’s brothers, Frank and Jim, through shelf companies, which could then direct the money to Joe through less suspicious channels or simply buy homes or other amenities for him as his ‘share’.

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Initial leaks have turned into a flood

As described in this article, these allegations are not based merely on suspicion or inference. The Hunter Biden laptop contains thousands of emails and photographs that confirm the story. The Director of National Intelligence has confirmed that the laptop is not Russian disinformation. The FBI has confirmed it is conducting a money laundering investigation using the laptop information.

Now, Bobulinski has come forward with direct testimony about meeting face-to-face with Joe Biden. He has met with the FBI and turned over three mobile phones with thousands more emails. Bobulinski has also confirmed that an email message with his name found on Hunter Biden’s laptop is authentic.

More information is in the process of being released by former Biden associates other than Bobulinski. The initial leaks of information have turned into a flood. However, it’s not clear if enough Americans have heard about this or if enough people even care.


Who’s in charge — Twitter or the government? Looks like Twitter rules

There was a time when social media giants like Twitter and Facebook would squash conservatives in hard-to-find ways. There was a practice called ‘shadow banning’. When a conservative with, say, 100,000 followers sent a tweet, perhaps only 20,000 or so would actually see it in their timelines or on their home page. The rest would never receive it.

The impact of that is exponential because the 80,000 who did not get the message might have retweeted or ‘liked’ the message in such a way that a million or more might see it. That’s how going viral works and it’s the point of working hard to build a large following or network of friends.

But by cutting the initial circulation by 80%, you might cut the final readership by 99%. It was hard to ascertain if this was happening because a large group still did receive the message — just not as large as your following.

Other techniques were to put stickers on your message ‘warning’ that your sources were unreliable or unverified. In fact, you could be relying on high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific papers, but if you did not fit the Twitter/Facebook-approved narrative, you were labelled as ‘unreliable’.

Now, the gloves are off

Twitter and Facebook have moved from behind-the-scenes tricks to outright censorship. When the New York Post broke the story of the Biden family corruption, Twitter blocked the New York Post’s account and Facebook banned circulation of links to the story. In short order, Twitter shut down the accounts of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and the Trump campaign.

In the latest attack, Twitter blocked the account of Dr Scott Atlas, a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. What was Dr Atlas’ crime? As described in this article, Dr Atlas tweeted a message that suggested masks don’t work that well to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In fact, Dr Atlas was right; masks are of doubtful value in most circumstances and there’s no evidence that masks do any good at all when used outside, alone, or otherwise not in close proximity to others. But this evidence did not fit the Twitter party line that mandatory mask wearing is the best way to stop the virus (it’s not).

This is not the end of the story — or at least it shouldn’t be. If Twitter wants to act like a newspaper, publishing some and excluding others, then the law should provide that it can be sued like a newspaper for wrongful acts and defamation. You can’t have it both ways.

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