BREAKING from Jim Rickards! — China MADE the Covid-19 Virus

BREAKING from Jim Rickards! — China MADE the Covid-19 Virus

Dear Reader,

You may have heard the rumours. Today I can confirm them.

The Daily Reckoning Australia’s Jim Rickards has a new book out. It’s without a doubt his most accessible and urgent, in terms what’s going down in the world of Australia RIGHT NOW.

And it contains simple, actionable actions you can take as an investor to weather what is going to be another frightening and, frankly, bonkers year.

Think 2020 was insane?

Then you need to read The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World.

2021, according to Rickards, is going to double down on the surrealness.

How to Survive Australia’s Biggest Recession in 90 Years. Download your free report and learn more.

The New Great Depression is the first definitive book that digs into both the pandemic itself — its TRUE origins, and eye-watering headcount — AND its economic consequences going forward.

Trust me, it’s a jaw-dropper.

Some of the forecasts floored even me when I first laid eyes on them.

And the strategy section for private investors is a must-read for any investor concerned about the future impact of lockdowns, reduced economic growth, and more years of massive monetary intervention.

The New Great Depression is now in publication internationally on Amazon. But it doesn’t hit Australian bookstores until this March.

Jim, however, has managed a bit of a coup for us with his international publishers…

Not only has he wangled Daily Reckoning Australia readers early access to an e-book version.

This early-access version comes with an exclusive Australia-focused chapter.

We’re going to show you how to get a personal access code to read it within the next few days.

I strongly encourage you to do so.

Jim just sent us a quick preview video of the exclusive Australia edition.

I’ll show you how to view it in a second.

The book is chock-full of fairly astonishing revelations. One of them is only now getting further confirmation in the news. As has so often happened before, Jim has front-run the mainstream media with a scoop that most people thought fanciful at first…

CHINA did it: Did China Create COVID-19?

You’ll likely have already read about an extraordinary new release from the US State Department on China’s involvement in the creation of the virus.

It went short of stating outright that China intentionally engineered COVID-19. Or unleashed it on the world on purpose.

Despite that, the paper has flat-out accused China’s Communist party of systemically obstructing a proper independent investigation.

An investigation Australia copped so much flak from Beijing for being one of the first brave enough to propose it.

The State Department release has come out and finally said Beijing has a ‘deadly obsession with secrecy and control’ and has plotted a course to ‘devote enormous resources to deceit and disinformation’.

It’s no secret that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has been knee-deep in military work, while keeping appearances as a ‘civilian institution’.

As The Mail on Sunday reports:

The State Department said that the WIV had collaborated on publications and secret projects with China’s military and had done classified research, including animal experiments, on behalf of China’s defence sector. 

It said it had “a right and obligation to determine whether any of our research funding was diverted to secret Chinese military projects at the WIV”.

This is extraordinarily tough language at such a high level. Mike Pompeo was careful not to make any specific allegations about what may have happened. 

But he revealed, in a major development, that the US has “reason to believe” that several researchers inside the WIV fell ill in the autumn of 2019, weeks before the first officially identified case of Covid.

They had symptoms consistent with both Covid and common seasonal illnesses. US experts also claim that Wuhan scientists were working with a bat coronavirus that is 96.2 per cent similar genetically to the virus that causes Covid.

Could this autumn 2019 outbreak have been the first case of Covid? Could this have resulted from a laboratory accident or unintended cross-infection between animals in laboratories and human researchers? 

It is vitally important that we should know, and high time, too.

High time is right.

China’s high-road-taking diplomatic freeze-out of Australia is already costing us dearly.

Its hard ban on Aussie coal shows no sign of reprieve.

But, when the truth comes out, it’s going to be China feeling the squeeze.

You wait for the fireworks in store when this goes mainstream…

As Jim Rickards asks in The New Great Depression (which we’re going to get our readers EXCLUSIVE access to the Australian edition this week):

Why would China destroy evidence if the virus did not come from a laboratory?

Why would China assign a PLA major general and biological warfare expert to the Wuhan Institute if that was not the source of the problem?

What are the probabilities that a laboratory with live strains of bat coronavirus and a poor safety record might accidentally leak a virus lethal to humans?

What are the probabilities that a wet market with no bats for sale and none within a hundred miles would be the source of a bat coronavirus?

What are the probabilities that the wet market in Wuhan was the source of the human coronavirus when three out of four of the first victims had not been to the wet market?

Why would China engage in a sophisticated global propaganda campaign trying to shift blame to the United States if China had nothing to hide?

None of these questions can be answered definitively without access to the highest levels of the Chinese government and on-the-ground in sections in Wuhan.

Both access and inspections are denied to independent investigators at the moment. Much pertinent evidence has already been destroyed. Key witnesses were made to disappear. Still, the questions are framed in a way that answers can be found using available evidence, inference, and conditional probabilities. Conclusions are obtained by multiplying the individual probabilities.

Using these methods, the evidence points strongly to a conclusion that the lethal virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology…

China cannot disclaim responsibility for the economic damage caused and lives lost in the resulting global pandemic. Chinese involvement in the cover-up would constitute criminal culpability even if the virus came from the wet market. If the virus came from a lab, Chinese involvement in the cover- up constitutes a crime against humanity.

Trust me: There is no book on Earth more important to read RIGHT NOW.

And we’ve been working on a way for you to do exactly that.

We’ve gotten you advance access to an Australian edition before its official launch here to the general public.

AND…because of our personal relationship with Jim…this edition will come with an invaluable bonus chapter. One you won’t be able to read anywhere else, at any price.

It’s called ‘Long COVID Decade Australia: What happens next, how to prepare’.

Find out how to download your own personal copy here.

In it he concludes:

It came from a laboratory, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

You can forget the “Wet Market” theory. That’s Chinese propaganda.

It did come from a laboratory. Whether it was intentionally released or accidentally released, more likely an accident, that’s less clear.

But it was DEFINITELY bio-engineered. That’s one of the reasons it’s so contagious.

Until next time,

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Nickolai Hubble,
For The Daily Reckoning Australia

Note: Jim Rickards recently spoke with chief editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia, Shae Russell, about his new bestselling book — The New Great Depression. He provides an overview of what the book is about and goes on to discuss the extensive research behind it.

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