Can consumers prop up the Aussie economy?

Can consumers prop up the Aussie economy?
  • Aussies hitched their wagon to the Middle Kingdom
  • Can consumers prop up the Aussie economy?
  • First recession in three decades

Today, I was going to round out my alternative guide to creating your own investment portfolio.

But then, an email from Jim hit my inbox late last night. And I decided that Jim’s urgent message shouldn’t be delayed.

Australia is on the cusp of a recession.

I know the ‘official’ figures don’t say that.

I know the Aussie government continues to forecast a budget surplus.

I know that most mainstream economist are using absurdly complicated mathematical models to tell you the Aussie economy is fine.

Here’s the thing.

The official figures are wrong.

Australia’s ‘Miracle Economy’


Australia’s recession-free economy is now a world record. We surpassed Japan’s previous record three years ago…

In fact, if you’re under 28 years old, Australia hasn’t had a recession in your lifetime…

Australia’s last recession ended in June 1991. Compared to the rest of the developed world, we breezed through the GFC, the ending of the commodities boom, the dotcom crash and the Asian financial crisis…

  • The truth about our ‘Lucky Country’ status…
  • Why China isn’t going to give us any more money.
  • The one investment Australians rely on — more than any other — for their future prosperity…

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The data we are fed is a contorted bunch of numbers that have been twiddled and tweaked for so long that they no longer reflect our actual reality.

So much so that little old Australia is the subject of Jim’s analysis today.

Over the years, Jim and I have spoken at length many times about how the Aussie economy has avoided a recession for so long. However, in the last decade, we have intertwined ourselves into the global financial system more than ever.

Now, our economic prosperity relies on what other countries do.

Today, Jim shows you the three major events that could impact the Aussie economy this year.

This isn’t to alarm you — it’s to inform you. After all, luck favours the prepared. Investors who are aware of the risks tend to make better long-term investing decisions.

Speaking of better investing decisions, tomorrow I will wrap up my guide on how to create your own investment portfolio.

Until then,

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