Australian Economy

Enjoy a unique perspective on the Australian economy.

We make sense of the latest moves in interest rates, the credit cycle, the Aussie dollar and trade figures, to see how they affect the value of all your assets.

Should you invest in Australian housing or are you better off in Australian stocks? And if it’s stocks, what areas of the Australian share market should you focus on? You’ll also discover the common misconceptions in the mainstream that often lead investors to put their money in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Australian Economy News, as it comes

To stay up to date with the most profitable industries and companies the Aussie economy has on offer, and the ones you should avoid, read more below…

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The Final Farewell for Welfare
The welfare today is nothing more than a giant Ponzi (pyramid) scheme. Provided the base is greater than the apex, the illusion continues. And that’s where the problem is…
Businessman hands giving money - Australian dollars
‘Farewell Welfare’ — Part II
Welfare promises — made in times of lower life expectancies, when less people were at the apex of society’s pyramid (and during the greatest credit boom in history) — are going to be reneged upon.