Australian Economy

Enjoy a unique perspective on the Australian economy.

We make sense of the latest moves in interest rates, the credit cycle, the Aussie dollar and trade figures, to see how they affect the value of all your assets.

Should you invest in Australian housing or are you better off in Australian stocks? And if it’s stocks, what areas of the Australian share market should you focus on? You’ll also discover the common misconceptions in the mainstream that often lead investors to put their money in the wrong place at the wrong time.

To stay up to date with the most profitable industries and companies the Aussie economy has on offer, and the ones you should avoid, read more below…

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Business person on a graph, representing success and growth
Waging a War on Growth
The debt-dependent economic growth model we’ve built is waging a war on itself. What will it be… the rich get poorer, or the poor get richer?
sunrise over the sea
The Sun Also Rises
Given this is my last day, and the markets are winding down before Christmas, I thought you might like to hear how I became part of The Daily Reckoning.
Pretty gypsy woman with her hands above her crystal ball predicting the future
Back to Our Future
Investors disappointed in the share market. Interest rates rising. Gold price, going from strength to strength. This was the market wrap for early 1980.
The Australian flag
The Long Transition…
When a government goes into debt, it’s due to a major economic shock. Then government spending increases due to welfare payments, stimulus measures etc.
bright picture of man with crossed fingers
The Big, Fat, Ugly Lie
Given the Fed’s appalling record in reading the economy correctly, the recent rate rise is a case of way too little, far too late.