Australian Share Market

Anything can move the Australian share market — and the value of your share portfolio. We keep you on top of events so you can hit the pillow asleep each night.

We’re always on the hunt for the latest events that will affect your money. It could be an interest rate decision, profit warnings, a big move overseas or change in government policy.

If you have money at risk on the ASX in Aussie stocks, make sure you haven’t missed anything important in the articles below.

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bright picture of man with crossed fingers
The Big, Fat, Ugly Lie
Given the Fed’s appalling record in reading the economy correctly, the recent rate rise is a case of way too little, far too late.
3d image of flying pound money
Follow the Money
One of the great Richard Russell's most common phrases was ‘follow the money’. It’s the best advice you can get. Money isn’t biased.
Chinese Businessman holding business card with China Flag
When Will It Stop?
Given China’s economic growth is relatively healthy, you have to ask why capital isn’t interested in hanging around.