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Bankrupt Businessman
Farewell, Welfare State
The feds are no longer counting on the next generation to make the welfare state work; they’re sending the bills to a future generation that has not even been born yet.
Trump’s Trade Catastrophe?
Just as free immigration can be incompatible with a zombie welfare system (it attracts immigrants who become parasites)…free trade can cause problems in a fake financial system (it causes imbalances that threaten the world economy).
Start the New Year with a Bang
Just as it’s hard to set out on a new love affair or a new bar tab until you’ve settled up on the last one, so it is hard to begin a new year with last year’s bills still unpaid.
japan setting sun 220
The End of the Trend Is Nigh
We’re talking about cycles, and today is the end of one cycle. But tomorrow, the trend reverses. The days grow longer again. The sun is reborn.