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Elder woman and male nurse drinking coffee
The Baby Boomer Survival Guide
We baby boomers were famously ‘na…na…na…live for today.’ Now, it’s tomorrow. And many of us — often through no fault of our own — are having trouble making ends meet.
Portrait of  old woman holding money in hands
The Banks Are Running Out of Cash
The convenience store down the road is being cleaned out. ‘There seems to be a run on cash,’ said a clerk at our bank. ‘People preparing for the hurricane.’
Property Market Gap
The Property Cycle Keeps on Going
If you’re thinking that house prices can’t keep rising, I’m sorry to say that our property cycle expert Phil Anderson doesn’t agree. Phil called the start of this cycle years ago, and he expects it to run its course for years to come.
Savings, close up of male hand stacking golden coins over sky ba
Sell Stocks… Buy Gold
When the Dow is worth less than five ounces of gold, buy stocks and sell gold. When the Dow is worth more than 10 ounces of gold, sell stocks and buy gold.