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venality businessman or banker  in black costume throw open one's shirt packed heap gold money
Who Owns the Gold?
A free market that would likely result in the resumption of gold as the main focus of the financial system.
Why the UN’s Global Tax Proposal is a Dangerous Game
The United Nations raised a few eyebrows recently when it suggested taxing rich Muslims, football, and Uber as a way of bridging a shortfall in aid funding. On a list of unconventional taxation ideas, this ranks right up there with the best of them. But we shouldn’t be too surprised by any of this. When it comes to questionable international bodies, the UN has few peers.
innovation technology concept
Why You Should Say No to this Technology
We need to be very cautious in how we implement new technology. Specifically, how we allow government, corporations, and our neighbours to implement it. Running through November’s news there are no less than four new tech related developments you must — in my most humble opinion — say no to.