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A Fitting Farewell from Ron Paul
Ron Paul, gave his farewell speech to congress last night. Paul reflected on a political career of trying to 'promote peace and prosperity by a strict adherence to the principles of individual liberty.'
Flesh Eating Zombies Will Feast on the US Economy
At no additional cost, the feds could turn the whole population into zombies right away. Currently, the Fed is paying bondholders - mostly banks - $40bn per month. Instead of giving it to the fat-cat zombies, why not spread it around to the skinny-cat zombies?
The Rise of the Freeloaders
The country is going broke trying to support them all - educators, administrators, lobbyists, lawyers, regulators, controllers, meddlers, government employees...
What is the Government Smoking?
Not only does the government come up with stupid policies and schemes, it forces you to comply with them. And that is a direct cost to your quality of life.
Is the US ‘Stealing’ Your Gains?
Three of the world’s most important currencies just made new lows against gold overnight: the US dollar, the euro and the pound. Barely two weeks have passed since the end of QEII and some members are keen to push the button again. Seriously.
Our Other ANZAC Day
Today is ANZAC Day, Australia’s true national holiday. It’s always been one of my favourite days of the year. Beer, two-up and football…does it get any better? But of course it is much more than that. I grew up fascinated by war…not in a nut-job, shaved head, gun-loving kind of way.
Get Rid of Central Banks
Does anyone, really, understand this carbon tax thing? Superficially it makes sense. Put a price on carbon to incentivise a move to a ‘low carbon economy’ and voila, pollution drops. That’s the plan. But how will it unfold in reality?
Human Action
Reckoning about finance and economics is endlessly fascinating. There is always something to ponder. There are actions and reactions, and more reactions. The market twists and turns. It never rests.