Gold & Precious Metals

You don’t have to restrict your investing to the stock market.

Sometimes the equity market just isn’t the place to be. That’s why it pays to keep an eye on precious metals.

These metals include gold,silver, platinum and palladium. These ‘hard’ assets have regular demand from industry and as jewellery, but often spike from investment demand when instability rocks the financial system.Should you have some in your portfolio? To find out the latest trends in demand, supply and the latest application for these versatile metals, browse the articles below

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Gold Chart 4
Beware a Gold Price Correction
Today I’m going to take a look at the gold price. It’s dropped off the radar a bit lately, despite the yellow metal having a pretty good run so far in 2017.
Gold ingot resting on a stocks and shares graph representing investment or banking
Gold Is the Only Solution
The only way to stop this trend without causing a major crisis is to bring gold back into the system as an official measure of value.
gold stocks
The Ice-Nine Lockdown
The metaphor of Ice-Nine is that it spreads from molecule to molecule, institution to institution, requiring a freeze on the entire financial system.
Pretty gypsy woman with her hands above her crystal ball predicting the future
Back to Our Future
Investors disappointed in the share market. Interest rates rising. Gold price, going from strength to strength. This was the market wrap for early 1980.