Cold Pies & Warm Drinks

Cold Pies & Warm Drinks

Nobody is more baffled than me.

Victoria is the only state to get a public holiday for a footy match AND a horse race.

Does that mean you should rush down into the Garden State to take advantage of these absurd public holidays? Perhaps, the coffee is good…but the Melbourne weather is an endurance experience.

Nonetheless, the Daily Reckoning Australia office isn’t staffed today.

In place of a daily article, I wanted to share with you an interview I recorded at the Sprott Natural Resources Symposium in July earlier this year.

I bumped into Kerry Stevenson while in Vancouver and put aside a few minutes to talk all things gold…and what attendees can expect at the Gold & Alternative Investment Conference being held in a few weeks.

Click the play below to watch the interview now.

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Shae Russell,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

PS: By the way, if you’re a fan of all things gold, and not sure how to start, or what else you can do with your gold investments, come along to the Gold & Alternative Investment Conference. I’m speaking this year. And in a twist, I’m not laying the case for a gold bull market. Rather, I’ll be showing people how to look for gold mining stocks that will benefit from the gold bull market. I look forward to seeing you there.