Disappearing Acts A Standard Practice — China’s Coronavirus Cover Up?

Disappearing Acts A Standard Practice — China’s Coronavirus Cover Up?

Is it possible to hide in a basement, emerge infrequently, limit yourself to a teleprompter when it’s time to make public remarks (and still do that badly), allow scripted questions only (with scripted answers), and still be elected president?

On current form, the answer is ‘yes’. Joe Biden is doing all those things. He cannot form coherent thoughts or sentences. He cannot think on his feet and answer unscripted questions, especially complex questions. His public appearances are few and carefully controlled (including waving at non-existent crowds as he disembarks from a private plane).

Yet, he is ahead in the polls both nationally and in key battleground states, and he has a good chance of being elected president. How is this possible, especially in the 21st century when 24/7 media saturation is the norm? The answer is described brilliantly in this article by the eminent historian and intellectual, Victor Davis Hanson.

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The role of the media

Biden’s disappearing act would be impossible to pull off if the media did its job. The media could highlight his sham campaign, ask tough questions, follow up on his inconsistencies, and all the while be doing the same to Trump. This would not be a case of media bias one way or the other. It would simply be the case that journalists were doing their jobs.

In truth, with very few exceptions, journalists are not doing that. Their hatred of Donald Trump is so overpowering that they have abandoned any pretence of journalistic ethics and are simply involved in an all-out attack on Trump. If this means covering up and playing along with Biden’s mental deficiencies, so be it.

Of course, this is bad for journalism. But it’s also bad for democracy, because the exercise of freedom to vote has always depended on freedom of the press and the willingness of the press to hold politicians on both sides accountable.

The balance of accountability is now gone

Ultimately, it’s bad for the nation as a whole. When journalism is debased and one party (the Democrats) are not subject to any accountability, the failure of democracy quickly becomes the failure of social order and the country itself.

Journalists have been miseducated and are unaware of the historical parallels to their current self-indulgent malpractice. What comes next is not a progressive nirvana, but a fascist dystopia.

We’ve seen this from the fall of the Roman Republic to the rise of Napoleon, the rise of Mussolini, and in many other cases. It’s happening again. We may not be able to stop it. At least we can be prepared. Gold, silver, land, cash, fine art, and access to food and water, all located safely away from our burning cities, is a good place to start.

Meanwhile, China wants to kill this scientist…

In the early days of the coronavirus outbreak, there was a robust debate about the source. Obviously, the outbreak started in Wuhan, China late in 2019. And spread from there, first to other parts of China, then to the entire world.

More specifically, scientists and intelligence officials debated whether the virus escaped from a so-called ‘wet market’ (an outdoor meat market where bats and anteaters were sold as delicacies and were slaughtered on the spot, which gave rise to the name ‘wet market’ because of all the blood splattered about), or whether the virus escaped from a Chinese bioweapons laboratory.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, a level-4 hot zone bioweapons lab controlled by the communist Chinese military, is located just a few miles from the wet markets of Wuhan. Initially, the lab theory was dismissed as an anti-Chinese ‘conspiracy theory’ that only the ignorant would support. The world’s progressive (and credulous) reporters raced to support the communist-backed wet market theory.

Why, why, why?

Yet, if the virus came from a wet market, why did the Chinese refuse to allow international experts to visit Wuhan to investigate? Why was the wet market scrubbed clean with bleach in early January so no samples could be taken?

Why did Beijing send a major general bioweapons expert from the People’s Liberation Army to run the Wuhan lab early last January? Why did China cook up alternative narratives, including a view that the virus came from US weapons laboratories?

In my new book on this subject, I concluded that the virus did come from the weapons laboratory. I based this conclusion on a combination of genomic evidence, anecdotal evidence, and the extreme steps taken by the Chinese Communist Party to cover their tracks.

New evidence comes to the fore

Now, we have new evidence as described in this article that makes the case for the laboratory source ironclad. An expert Chinese virologist, Dr Li-Meng Yan, states that she has definitive evidence to show that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory and designed as a bioweapon.

She’s not some fringe player, but a well-regarded scientist who had complete access to both World Health Organisation files on the new disease and access to Chinese hospital records, genome sequences, and other ‘smoking gun’ information.

Other scientists who made similar claims last January have disappeared and it is suspected that several have been killed as part of the communist cover-up. Dr Li fled to the US in fear of her life and has been in hiding since last spring. She has emerged now to increase awareness of the disease and to help put responsibility on the Chinese communists, where it belongs.

One of the most dramatic developments in finance

The Chinese government will still try to kill her, but hopefully she has personal protection or even US government bodyguards.

This story is far from over. Dr Li’s evidence can form the basis for lawsuits against China, which in turn could lead to a US court seizing $1.4 trillion of US Treasury notes held by China to be placed in a trust fund for the benefit of pandemic victims.

That would be one of the most dramatic developments in the history of finance.

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