Cast of Characters

Callum Newman

Callum Newman originally studied Journalism before deciding financial markets were far more fascinating. Ever since, he’s been studying to discover why stock, commodity, and real estate markets move like they do. He’s responsible for launching some our most followed and contrarian investment advisories — and has a great trading record too.


James G. Rickards

Jim Rickards is The New York Times bestselling author of The New Great Depression, The Road to Ruin, Currency Wars, The Death of Money, and The New Case for Gold. He’s spent over 35 years at the heart of investment banking, international economics, and the political and national intelligence comminutes.


Nick Hubble

Nick Hubble discovered the true nature of investment banking in 2008 after a stint inside Goldman Sachs. He soon decided to find somewhere he could give unshackled advice. He found us in 2010. Nick holds Finance, Economics, and Law degrees from Bond University. He’s also a flying trapeze artist.


Catherine Cashmore

Catherine Cashmore is President of Prosper, Australia’s oldest economics organisation that conducts vast research into land economics, market cycles, and how tax policy affects markets. She’s the original expert on the 18.6-year property cycle and a regular media commentator, often called upon to explain the real estate market and the economy.


Brian Chu

Brian Chu is one of Australia’s foremost independent authorities on gold and gold stocks, with a unique strategy for valuing big producers and highly speculative explorers. He established a fund that only invests in ASX-listed gold mining companies, possibly the only such fund in Australia, putting his strategy and research skills to the test under public scrutiny.