High gold prices = more mergers

High gold prices = more mergers
  • High gold prices = more mergers
  • Current reserves more valuable than before
  • The bull market continues

Well, that didn’t take long.

Two weeks ago, gold dipped below US$1,300.

To some, it looked like the gold bull market may stall once again.

It didn’t to me.

After a decade of watching the gold market, I know a small dip when I see it.

Within two days of falling back to US$1,280, the yellow metal dusted itself off and rallied once more.

Then it moved US$40 per ounce higher to US$1,320.

What comes next?

Well, as I wrote to Hard Money Trader subscribers last week, a fall back down into the US$1,300-1,310 range should be expected. That’s beginning to happen now, with the metal bumping along at US$1,314 right now.

When gold rallies this quickly, it’s often followed by an equally quick fall…but generally not in the same magnitude as the rise.

However, the physical gold price won’t trudge along this level for long. By the end of February, we could be looking at gold sitting between US$1,340-1,360.

That doesn’t seem like much. But smaller price moves in gold today are part of a much bigger story unfolding around the world.

Today, Jim explains why there’s so many mergers happening in the gold market.

And more importantly, he unveils a potential new high for the precious metal…in less than seven years.

Read on for his analysis.

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