How the Global Elite Keeps You Imprisoned

How the Global Elite Keeps You Imprisoned

There’s a famous line in the blockbuster thriller The Usual Suspects that goes like this.

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Verbal Kint, the film’s enigmatic antagonist, may never fully appreciate the far-reaching ramifications of his words.

In this day and age, we have an entire cast of magicians whose sleight of hand would put both Mr Kint and the Devil to shame.

These conjurors cast a net so wide so as to obscure the entire world of their misdeeds.

But they’re not crooks or felons, and are in fact admired by many.

When we hear of them, they’re presented as beacons of society. Any condemnation is made only in the hushest of tones, and only in the most private of forums.

These self-appointed idols run our lives in ways that are at times undetectable. And yet we welcome their designs for our imprisonment as if they were our own.

In truth, Mr Kint was right about the Devil only up to a point. He stopped short of realising the Devil’s greatest triumph over man.

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Divide and conquer

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled wasn’t in convincing the world he didn’t exist. His coup de grâce was convincing a once united people to break their bonds and embrace individualism, which came at great cost to us.

In breaking from the collective, we traded our strength in numbers for independence. But that independence only brought us isolation. And it made us easy targets to exploit.

You may have guessed that these magicians we refer to are the cult of individuals that run this world. What you might call the global elite.

Those that dismiss the existence of such a group fall prey to the stigma of conspiracy theories. But there’s no conspiracy to be seen here.

All that’s required is an acknowledgement of human nature’s desire to dominate others. Understand this, and accepting the existence of such a group is easy.

The means through which this global elite gains and retains its power hasn’t changed over time. Power is always secured through money. And it is always preserved through money.

Crucially, those who have money mustseek power too. For it is only in attaining power that they’re able to safeguard their wealth.

This feedback loop, destructive as it is, is an ever-present threat to mankind’s progress. It keeps us in a perpetual state of confusion.

You find evidence of this in all walks of life.

Despite an endless ocean of health literature, we cannot agree on the best means to treating and preventing disease.

Despite a throng of media outlets spanning the globe, objective reporting and fake news are two sides of the same coin.

And despite the celebrity status of modern-day economists, we cannot agree on a single model that promotes stability and prevents crises.

This is not progress. It is confusion. And it is by design.

For the elites, it can’t be any other way. After all, there are far too many riches to be made in selling confusion.

But again, there’s little need for plots hatched in secret hideouts for elites to fulfil their ambitions.

Rather, think of the global elite as a movement of ideals. An understanding of like-minded individuals whose goals for wealth and domination overlap and align with one another.

The process by which they achieve these ends should be obvious to even the most disinterested observer.

Money is first attained by offering the world something which it cannot live without.

On one side, it is held by those who control the means of production of commodities — the industrialists.

On the other, it is held by those who have the power to create money — the bankers.

What unites them is the motive to grow their wealth and, by necessity, power.

In yesteryear, this was done through conquest. Armies were little more than highly organised tools of wealth extraction and protection.

In modern society, we still have armies, but we also have democracy. In providing the illusion of choice, democracy splits the people against one another. It forces them to see their fellow man as the enemy, blinding them to the manipulations of the elite.

More than that, it’s turned the government into little more than a refined brothel, open to all and sundry who wish to abuse it.

The elites use this to their advantage. They manipulate all sides of politics, buying the loyalty of politicians to advance commercial interests.

Laws are passed not to protect and embolden the people, but to safeguard the wealth of the few from the many.

In removing the threat posed by the masses, it paves the way for the further concentration of money and power by the elite.

Of course, though the public is the biggest victim of this collusion, it’s also its biggest threat. The status quo rests on the willingness of the people to buy into a system that supports the elites and keeps in power a government that acts against their best interests.

Both, however, are open to revolt.

Sadly, no such uprising is forthcoming.

Stuck in an endless state of confusion propagated by elites through a subservient media and government, the masses are sleepwalking into their own prisons.

But they will be jolted from their slumber when the next crisis hits, if only for a time.

By design, the public may never learn that such a crisis was engineered with wealth confiscation in mind. After all, there is no greater opportunity for creating wealth on such a grand scale in such short a time as that during a crisis.

Naturally, such opportunities are never wasted by the elite. The next time won’t be any different.


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