How the trade war just got worse

How the trade war just got worse

A little over a year ago, I wandered into the office far too early.

I sauntered up the stairs with an overpriced latte in hand.

Our tired-looking web guru was already in the office, setting up the Skype meeting for me.

And there I found him, chatting to Jim.

You see, Jim had agreed to have a meeting with me from his home in Vermont.

Trump had launched his trade war only months before. And I had many questions. What could people expect…and, more importantly, how did this directly affect Aussies? Not long after, Jim and I turned those questions and answers into a 20-page report exclusive for Strategic Intelligence Australia subscribers.

Here’s the thing. What Jim has written about today is similar to the chat he and I had over 12 months ago.

The mainstream has continued to try and push the trade war aside as old news.

But that’s simply not the case.

As Jim pointed out a year ago — and then again today — the trade war is still only just beginning.

It has years left to run.

Thankfully, you still have time to prepare.

Read on for more.

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