If the World Blames China for COVID-19, What Happens Next?

If the World Blames China for COVID-19, What Happens Next?

What if we really could pin the blame for the COVID-19 pandemic on China’s government? To a standard that would hold up at the UN Security Council?

Not that this is a very high standard, historically speaking…

But what would the implications be if the evidence was ‘irrefutable and undeniable’, as they say, that China’s negligence at the Wuhan lab caused the pandemic?

This week, the world suddenly caught on to the likelihood that the virus really did come from the Wuhan lab. And maybe China really is to blame.

But nobody in the mainstream is asking themselves what the implications would be…yet.

Of course, our Strategic Intelligence Australia Strategist, Jim Rickards, not only argued that COVID came from a lab all along, as well as writing a book about this, he has also examined the implications it entails. Back to that in a moment.

Much to Jim’s amusement, the rest of the world has at last cottoned on to the first part of his claims.

Of course, the fact checkers at Facebook had debunked those claims long ago. COVID-19 didn’t come from Wuhan’s lab. That’s just a ‘conspiracy theory’. The science says otherwise.

The US’ top disease expert Anthony Fauci ‘crushed Donald Trump’s theory on the origins of the coronavirus’ reported CNN. Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance ‘Debunks Trump’s COVID-19 Origin Theory, Explains Animal-Human Transmission’. He even described Trump’s assertions as ‘pure baloney’.

After all, Wuhan’s lab is safe, right? Nothing could escape from a government lab…

Well, SARS escaped from virology labs six times, including four escapes from Chinese labs, and escapes from labs in Singapore and Taiwan.

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Smallpox escaped from UK labs three times, killing 80.

In 2007, foot and mouth disease struck the UK. ‘We’re not completely sure yet, but it looks like it is a laboratory release,’ said a certain Professor Neil Ferguson, a modeller of disease spread, based at Imperial College London, who has since gained infamy for his COVID lockdown excursions.

In 2004, foot and mouth escaped from a Kansas laboratory, twice.

In 1977, H1N1, better known by its completely politically correct name of ‘Russian flu’, killed 700,000. Any guesses where it came from?

If you’re still unsure, you’re not alone. Martin Furmanski of the Scientists Working Group on Chemical and Biologic Weapons and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation explained why:

Public awareness of the 1977 H1N1 pandemic and its likely laboratory origins has been virtually absent. Virologists and public health officials with the appropriate sophistication were quickly aware that a laboratory release was the most likely origin, but they were content not to publicize this, aware that such embarrassing allegations would likely end the then nascent cooperation of Russian and Chinese virologists, which was vital to worldwide influenza surveillance.

So even the coverup of lab escapes to protect ‘science’ is tradition at this point. The scientists are so smart that their mistakes must be hidden to avoid public scrutiny, which would lead to mistakes in policy…

Anyway, the list of things escaping their science-based confines is rather long. Ebola, Zika, H5N1, and Dengue get dishonourable mentions along the way too.

Those are just the infamous examples. What about the close calls? Former USA Today Journalist Alison Young published the following during her investigations:

‘Hundreds of bioterror lab mishaps cloaked in secrecy’


‘Worker at Tulane possibly exposed to bioterror bacteria’


‘CDC failed to disclose lab incidents with bioterror pathogens to Congress’


‘GAO finds more gaps in oversight of bioterror germs studied in U.S.’


Government regulators have no idea how often laboratories working with some of the world’s most dangerous viruses and bacteria are failing to fully kill vials of specimens before sending them to other researchers who lack critical gear to protect them against infection, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office.


‘Congress demands details of secret CDC lab incidents revealed by USA TODAY’


But the idea that COVID-19 should have escaped from the government lab in China? Preposterous from the outset!

Indeed, anyone spreading such misinformation and lies must be silenced from social media.

While we should trust the likes of Fauci and Daszac, it’s not like they were involved in the Wuhan lab’s research and funding in any way…were they…?

Oh, they were?


Anyway, last week, things began to unravel for the conspiracy theorists. (That’s now those who tried their best to keep the Wuhan lab escape theory out of the media.)

But now, the stories of a possible leak from Wuhan are everywhere. They kicked off with CNN’s news that President Joe Biden had shut down the US’ investigation into the source of the virus. A decision which Biden quickly reversed once the news broke.

But this implies there’s something to investigate…

Fact checkers are busily retracting, removing and editing their debunked stories, which previously claimed to have debunked accurate ones. Oops.

But don’t blame the media for these errors. It’s ‘scientists’ who mucked it up, according to the ironically named PolitiFact:

PolitiFact’s sources included researchers who asserted the SARS-CoV-2 virus could not have been manipulated.That assertion is now more widely disputed.

Asserted? But it was backed up by ‘science’, wasn’t it? Don’t you believe in the science anymore, PolitiFact? Or is science never actually settled, but a process of discovery?

The thing is, the fact debunking was of a scientist too. She claimed to have scientific evidence the lab leak was the likely source of COVID-19. But PolitiFact simply chose which scientists they wanted to listen to, and which were ‘debunked’ by the others.

This is precisely how my friend Jim Rickards described the research for his book on the topic, when I interviewed him regarding the book here. Scientists disagree between each other — sometimes vehemently. And the world was simply picking and choosing who to listen to, rather than evaluating the debate. This allows everyone to spout their opinions as being backed by science. A bit like the world’s governments’ disparate COVID policies all being backed by science…

But only some people have the additional dishonesty to claim others’ views are debunked and should be censored.

But what does it matter if COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab?

The media hasn’t even begun to consider that question, let alone answer it.

Jim Rickards remains one step ahead. Having helped the Pentagon conduct its first economic war games, worked as an advisor to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, and negotiated the bailout of LTCM, Jim is the ideal person to analyse the situation.

He argues that the world has a very particular and specific way of making China pay. One that would be surprisingly effective, as well as solving a parallel problem many nations have. But I can’t give away everything here that his subscribers pay for.

The trouble is, even Jim’s suggested path for making China pay would still trigger geopolitical carnage as China fights back just as dirty. Perhaps that’s why New Zealand’s foreign minister told The Guardian that it’s only a matter of time before a ‘storm’ with China is coming and our neighbours are making their preparations for it.

Are you?

Until next time,

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Nickolai Hubble,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia Weekend

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