Impact of Long COVID — Unique Australian Edition of Jim’s New Book

Impact of Long COVID — Unique Australian Edition of Jim’s New Book

We can usually rattle on for four or five hours, but we kept it to a clean 30 minutes.

We’ll make that Zoom session available to you soon.

In the meantime, you should read this.

It’s a report on the unique new Australian version of Jim’s new book that we’ve been telling you about.

It’s called The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World.

It’s storming the business book charts in the States. And we have publishing rights to a version you won’t find anywhere else. Complete with a Bonus Chapter titled ‘Long COVID Decade Australia: What comes next, how to prepare’.

In the tailored Australian edition, Jim and his Australian editor Nick Hubble ask some REALLY important questions, like:

  • Can the world’s greatest superpower the US — already facing a quasi-insurgency from within — ever recover from its current predicament? And what will unprecedented turmoil in the US mean for the whole world in the coming years?
  • What does an isolated, economically-hobbled Australia mean for your savings and investments…your retirement plans…and your family’s future freedom and security?
  • How is China going to act from here? What will the China/Australia collision course mean for our economy and our resources sector?
  • Above all, what might the world look like by 2030…at the end of this ‘Long COVID Decade’?

That last question is really important.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced it will continue printing money with that old chestnut, ‘quantitative easing’, until at least September.

Pumping another $100 billion into the economy.

Desperately juicing things up while at the same time insisting our recovery from COVID was way stronger than expected.

Is it even possible to anticipate what our society and economy (and your investment portfolio) might look like after nine years of this?

When it seems that events have us lurching around on a monthly basis?

What you’ll see when you read Jim’s book is yes; with history to go on, and knowledge of how asset markets act in times of great upheaval…

‘…you CAN anticipate where we might be at the END of the “Long COVID Decade…”’

And you can plan your own wealth strategy accordingly.

That’s why we’re so pleased to make this exclusive Australian edition of The New Great Depression available to all Daily Reckoning Australia readers today.

The original version of the book is already a best-seller in the States.

As Jim told me on our recent call:

Yeah, we’ve been very fortunate. We were ranked as a national bestseller in the United States. We were also picked up as a Wall Street Journal bestseller listed as the number five on their list of business books bestseller.

And we were ranked the number one new release by Newsmax, highly ranked in our categories on Amazon. And we got 4.2 stars, which is not easy because there was couple of trolls out there, one to three, a one star, but we’ve very gratified to see a lot of five-star ratings come in.

So yeah, by all measure sales rankings, the book is a bestseller and success and we want to obviously keep that going.

A lot of people put a lot of work into it. I’m the writer, but we have editors and art directors and cover people and media people. And it was great teamwork. So, we’re very happy to see the success of it.

A big reason for the book’s quick success in the States is easy to see.

It’s the only one around that links the pandemic and its economic outcome together.

And gives strategies for preparing your wealth for whatever new reality we settle into after this acute phase of the virus fades…

Financial Long COVID

As Jim told me:

This is the first book of its kind in that sense and you’re right sure.

There are a number of other books out there written by doctors and clinicians talking about the virus and obviously a lot of newspaper coverage, et cetera about the pandemic.

The funny thing is about on the economic side, economists — actually very few of them write books. They write journal articles, they publish in economics journals and give speeches and all that. There aren’t that many who write books. There are a few public policy mavens, I’ll say who have written about the consequences of the pandemic and what the future may hold…

So those books are out there, but this is the only book that really connects the two. That does a deep dive on the pandemic, where it came from, how the virus acts, the impact it’s had, et cetera. And on the economy, what I call The New Great Depression and the prospects for the years ahead, including many of which could be intergenerational.

‘I think we’ll be feeling the effects of this 30 years from now.’

Jim explains why, very clearly, in the book.

There’s the clinical medical immunological side, which is in the main headlines you’re still getting fed every day.

Then there’s the long-term economic side.

And how it affects you if you’re a saver and investor trying to game-plan what to do with your money over the next few years.

The New Great Depression’s official Australian publication doesn’t happen until March.

But if we hear from you immediately, you’ll learn how to get access to an eBook version, which you can read cover-to-cover right now.

Not only that…

As I mentioned, you’ll receive an exclusive Bonus Chapter: ‘Long COVID Decade Australia: What comes next, how to prepare’.

That won’t be available anywhere else, inside or outside Australia, at any price.

Until next time,

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Shae Russell,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia

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