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Fat Tail Media - Financial Publisher of Investment NewsletterFat Tail Investment Research is a publisher of exciting, time-sensitive and potentially lucrative investment ideas not typically covered by the mainstream media. Our team of hand-picked experts provide valuable and unique perspectives on a variety of investment instruments -including stocks, cryptocurrency, property, and commodities. To get started, subscribe to our free daily financial newsletter ‘The Daily Reckoning Australia’. Or if you are ready to dive deeper, check out some of our paid subscriptions: Rock Stock Insider, Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence and Hard Money Trader.

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Rock Stock Insider

Rock Stock Insider will transform the way you view gold-related investments — whether as wealth protection against the volatile stock market, speculative play for potentially explosive gains, or long-term wealth generation. Led by gold expert Brian Chu, you will also gain access to exclusive insights, ideas and forecasts from mining industry ‘A-listers’ around the world...
gold stock investment service

Gold Stock Pro

Gold Stock Pro is Australia’s only investment advisory service dedicated to helping you target the highest-potential gold stocks before the gold bull market kicks in. Led by gold expert Brian Chu, who works to give you the best shot at significant gains.
Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Australia - Financial Newsletter

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is an exclusive newsletter that warns of a global monetary reset taking place in early 2021. This event could result in a massive loss of wealth for most people, while those who prepare in advance could come out ahead.
Greg Canavans Investment Advisory

Greg Canavan’s Investment Advisory

Never let a crisis go to waste. Greg Canavan's Investment Advisory shows you how to capitalise on a very unique and challenging time in the financial market. Simply put, it targets quality stocks that have taken a price hit during a crisis…yet display huge potential to bounce back over the long term...
The bonner denning letter

The Bonner-Denning Letter

The main mission of The Bonner-Denning Letter is to help you protect your wealth... through understanding world events and the threats they pose. Every month, Bill Bonner and Dan Denning will lay out their contrarian thinking and insights, which you won’t find anywhere else.
the gowdie advisory

The Gowdie Advisory with Vern Gowdie

In today’s turbulent and unpredictable market, getting time-sensitive financial advice is crucial. The Gowdie Advisory serves as your trusted guide — equipping you with the knowledge, feedback and strategies to help you manage your money smartly…and independently...
the gowdie letter

The Gowdie Letter

The Gowdie Letter reveals why the financial system is in a much worse state than what most people realise…and how a devastating financial collapse could soon impact many Australian households. With Vern Gowdie’s guidance, you will discover how to side-step gut wrenching pitfalls in the market and hopefully come out ahead...