Gold Stock Pro

Gold Stock Pro

Gold Stock Pro is a premium subscription service designed for serious mining investors who dream of finding the next multi-bagger, especially in gold and silver companies. It’s an exciting prospect. But be warned: your editor, gold-investing expert Brian Chu, will demand nerves of steel. This speculative roller coaster is not for the fainthearted.

As is to be expected with an ambitious investing service like this one, the stocks recommended are high-risk and they come without guarantee. But when Brian gets it right — and his track record indicates this happens often — then some attractive gains are on the table…

With years of experience in finding and investing in highly-successful gold producers, Brian’s no stranger to Australia’s mining world. In Gold Stock Pro, you’ll be shown exactly how he does it, and you’ll learn the same system he used to build up his family’s gold fund.

You’ll also receive Brian’s regular recommendations on which companies to buy, with crystal clear instructions on how to trade them. And along the way, there’ll be real-time updates to keep you on top of any developments in each of your stocks.

The thrill of chasing rainbows is worth it for some. But it’s the pile of treasure sitting at the end that Brian’s really after. And if he’s successful — like he has often been — he’s happy for his subscribers to share in the spoils…

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Your subscription to Gold Stock Pro includes…

Regular trade alerts:

Get access to Brian’s favourite stock picks — the names, ticker details, and up-to-date company research, PLUS simple instructions on how to trade these stocks.

Industry reports:

Keep up to date with the Australian mining industry, especially gold and silver, as Brian reveals expert predictions on what’s coming next.

Portfolio tracker:

Simply log in to your portal at any time to track the performance of Brian’s recommendations, and catch up on exclusive ‘buy’, ‘hold’, or ‘sell’ updates.

Invest in gold, silver and other commodities with Gold Stock Pro

Anyone can invest in gold alone — but it’s better to have an expert by your side.

Not many investors have the time or experience to be able to trawl through the latest company research, and spot price movements in the mining industry day after day.

But Brian does.

It’s this expertise you’ll be able to access in your subscription to Gold Stock Pro, along with actionable investing strategies.

Brian works tirelessly through his watchlists of potential trades by using the industry-renowned Lassonde Curve model. This model is designed to help identify companies likely to make attractive gains on meeting key milestones. If you’re one of Brian’s subscribers, you’ll be the first to hear about these opportunities as they arise.

Gold Stock Pro is designed not only to be fun and informative, but also immensely rewarding. Brian’s ultimate mission is to help you make lucrative gains from small amounts of capital you are willing to risk.

This approach involves trading speculative gold and silver mining stocks that could shoot up on the back of a rally in their spot prices.  He will also recommend other mining stocks based on economic and industry-driven trends.

Why you should buy gold stocks NOW!

Brian’s analysis suggests Australia could be the at the centre of perhaps one of the biggest gold bull markets in history. While no one has a crystal ball, what we do have is access to Brian’s expert analysis on historical cycles and what this says about the nature of gold price movements in times of global financial madness.

Gold has virtually always held strong in times of market volatility, and as a result, Brian believes another big rally is right around the corner…

But picking miners on the ASX is only part of the challenge — the rest of it is knowing how to time your trades wisely. This is where Gold Stock Pro makes it simple.

Brian will do all the investigative work for you, and then send out an alert on gold and silver stocks. He’ll then tell you what price to buy-up-to, and when to take profits or sell your entire stake

If a trade doesn’t work out, you’ll be notified immediately with instructions on what to do next, hopefully, minimising any losses. Likewise, if Brian thinks it’s time to take early profits, he’ll let you know.

What mining stock is the best buy?

There are countless gold, silver, and commodity plays on the ASX to choose from. Some big and already established, and others so small they haven’t even started digging yet.

The aim of Gold Stock Pro is to help you make lucrative gains from a selection of start-up and developing mining companies, so Brian will often be looking at the little-known explorers and mine builders in this space. These are often companies that have found a mineral deposit, with projects in the works that have yet to appear on the radar of seasoned speculators. Occasionally, the commodity cycle can overshoot itself on the downside, and Brian will recommend producers as they can also yield life-changing gains at such times.

As part of the service, you’ll also enjoy regular insider updates on the trends in precious metals and other commodities. This knowledge is invaluable if you’re looking to invest in commodities over the long term.

There is no perfect way to invest in commodities, so each reader is encouraged to invest in a way that works for them.

Consider your risk profile before investing in Brian’s recommendations, and never invest more than you are willing to lose. For this service, we suggest starting with no more than 5–10% of your speculative capital.

Who should invest in commodities?

While anyone can invest in commodities, this service is only suitable for investors who can tolerate the wild price fluctuations that come with speculative stocks.

Brian will focus predominantly on gold and silver stocks with potential to bring a deposit into production. This could take months or years, across several gold price cycles. The aim is to take some profits along the way, but the big rewards come with patience and tenacity. So why not give 12 months of the service a go and see how your portfolio fares?

If you have capital you’d like use to leverage up-and-comers in Australia’s exciting gold, silver, and commodities space, then Gold Stock Pro is for you.

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