Hard Money Trader

Hard Money Trader

If you’re looking for speculative, high-risk gold plays that could potentially produce life-changing gains…Hard Money Trader is for you.

Led by gold expert Brian Chu, he will help you spot and invest in the most promising Aussie gold explorers before they shoot up and get detected by mainstream news.

Gold Investment Services

Given the latest market conditions, a very rare and potentially lucrative ‘gold window’ is about to open up. It happened from 1978–1980, 1994–1996, 2005–2007 and Brian believes it is happening right now.

Historical data does not indicate future performance…but if you combine market timing with Brian’s thoroughly researched approach, you could have a good chance at enjoying significant gains.

But don’t just make your decisions based on Brian’s advice…

he will also connect you to the mining industry ‘A-listers’ from all over the world…and let you tap into their insight, ideas and forecasts. You’ll regularly hear from experts such as Rick Rule, Jim Rickards, Adrian Day and Grant HWilliams — among others – about the best up and coming commodity-related investments in Australia.

You will also be introduced to geologists, CEOs, economists, journalists, dealers, financial analysts, market analysts, drillers, investors and a range of resource industry experts you’re highly unlikely to hear from in the mainstream Australian media. This exposure will give you a fuller perspective of what is really happening in the world of gold…and ideas on how to potentially capitalise accordingly.