Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence

What if we are about to face a global monetary reset…which could wipe out the wealth of those caught on the wrong side of history?

This might sound like an outlandish claim. But so did Trump’s election victory and Brexit. Jim Rickards was bang-on correct with these monumental predictions…and he could well be right again.

According to Jim, Australia just entered a war.

Few know this war is even being fought. That’s because it’s not a Hot War. Or a Cold War, for that matter. It’s a different kind of battle…fought with interest rates, trade tariffs and currency manipulation.

He details his full prediction of what could quickly unfold…and how you can take action early to protect your wealth in his flagship investment newsletter Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.  This event could result in a massive loss of wealth for most people…while those who prepare in advance could come out ahead.

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is an exclusive newsletter that warns of a global monetary reset taking place and how you can protect your wealth.

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The Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Newsletter

A portfolio manager at the West Shore Group, an adviser on international economics and financial threats to the US Department of Defense and the US intelligence community. And the facilitator of the first financial war game at the Pentagon. Jim Rickards is no ordinary financial newsletter writer.

His history and connections get him into the same room as some of the biggest elites on the planet — including key decision makers at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the US Federal Reserve.

These conversations give him an exclusive insider’s view into what is REALLY happening…well before they hit mainstream news.

For instance: What will the next big crisis look like? How can you chart a safe course through it? What investments could die in its duration…and which will flourish? 

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence sets out to answer these questions for you

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