Propaganda From the US War Machine

Propaganda From the US War Machine

Oh to have a miniature drone that can fly from Australia to northern Germany!

We’ll need it to have a good signal too, and speak a few languages.

Mission: gather intel on what’s said behind closed doors.

The G20 meeting is on this week. We need our drone on the wall, or inside the flowers somewhere.

Putin and Trump are meeting up for the first time since the US Prez was elected. That should be spicy enough. Now we have the US rattling China by sending in a Navy destroyer into its neighbourhood .

Who knows what agendas are at work?

Not me, but I’ll take a guess. Admittedly, I’ve not followed geopolitical stuff too closely lately. All that hoohah about Russia fiddling in the US election looks like BS to me. Somebody wants Russia to look like a threat.

Why the fuss then?

NATO surrounds Russia…

I’ve told you about economist Michael Hudson before. I believe his take on this before anyone else’s. He said back in April there wasn’t a shred of evidence that Russia was part of this.

Hudson pins it all on propaganda from the war hawks keen to take on Russia.

At the very least, the military industrial complex needs an excuse to park all the weapons it produces (and bills to the US government) somewhere.

Hudson said encircling Russia and China was the logical place.

Check out this map from The Independent in the UK a few months back…

NATO Military buildup in Eastern EUSource: The Independent

Apparently NATO now has the biggest military build-up in eastern Europe since the Cold War.

Now imagine this with a Russian mindest — after being invaded multiple times last century.

The funny thing is Trump did seem for real when he tried to tone down the belligerant stance toward Russia when he came on the scene early on. He was a genuine wildcard ­— that’s why most of the Republican establishment didn’t like him, or want him to run.

Now I see in The Wall Street Journal that the US Parliament is about to vote into law a bill to stop Trump from easing any sanctions on Russia.

The paper reports…

The bill cleared the Senate last month by a 98-2 vote, a rare show of bipartisan unity in favor of legislation that would slap Russia with new sanctions partly because of the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Yeah. Maybe. Here’s what we know about US intelligence services ­­­­— thanks to Edward Snowden. They interfere in anything and everything.

Here’s what we know about US intelligent services from history: they fabricate events and stories all the time for their own ends.

They’ll also destabilise any country, too.

Read this book now

All this is becomes incredibly clear and intriguing if you pick up a copy of George Friedman’s book The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century.

He wrote it in 2009. It’s quite spooky to see how accurate he’s been since. I’m not sure I’ll get to see the rest of the 90 years play out, which is a bummer.

However, Friedman had 2015-2020 pegged as the period when the United States would once again become ‘obsessed’ with Russia.

Friedman forecast both countries would manoeuvere around the world to weaken or discredit the other. Russia would be pushing its borders out everywhere to build out a strategic buffer. The US will intervene wherever it can to disrupt any alliances or powerful blocs forming.

If Friedman’s right, and it looks like he will be, this US versus Russia dyanamic is going to get worse before it gets better.

It may truly escalate into somehting like the Cold War 2.0.

In the book US power ultimately prevails. Friedman has Russia collapsing in 2020 as demographics and other factors work against it.

Remember, this is based off a forecast he made eight years ago, but we’re watching it play out in real time.

One of the tenets of the book is that the US is happy as long as every else is in chaos.

That’s partly how it projects and holds global power. A bigger component is the US Navy and the USA’s total control of the world’s sea lanes.

Where it goes from here in the short-term, I have no idea, but we can’t take it for granted that world peace will hold out.

I actually had George Friedman as a guest on my podcast in 2015. It’d be great to get him back on.

Actaully, that reminds me…last week Martin D wrote in to ask about my podcast coming back. The last one I did was back in March.

We’re keen to get the podcast going again as Agora Financial Australia gets rolling. We’re in the process of bringing it across to the new Daily Reckoning Australia website and set it all up again.

I would be very interested to hear what people you’d like me to invite on the show. We’ve had some great guests in the past.

Let me know at and put ‘Podcast’ in the subject line.

We’ll do our best to get hold of anyone you’re keen to hear from.

Best wishes,

Callum Newman
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