Ready to Read: Five Strategies for Exploiting Crypto Chaos

Ready to Read: Five Strategies for Exploiting Crypto Chaos

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First, I need to let you know…

The crypto roller coaster of 2021 has taken another lurching turn.

This time, it’s upwards. (At least at the time of writing.)

But this report isn’t about buying into the next bout of crazy hype.

Or even snapping up cheap cryptos if we have a leg down.

The strategies, you’ll find, are a bit more nuanced and forward-thinking than that.

Yes, there appears to be bullish winds behind digital currencies again.

A help-wanted ad for a crypto expert from Amazon.

Elon Musk tweeting nice things about Bitcoin [BTC] again.

A ‘short squeeze’, where investors betting on a falling bitcoin price start liquidating positions.

And finally, a technical breakout. The price breaking out of its range on a chart, causing more buying and adding momentum to the whole thing.

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We saw all of that over the last 10 days or so.


You need to block out all this price noise — even if it’s bullish

As this brand-new guide we’re releasing today will show you, it’s the strange state of flux that the whole decentralisation movement is in that you should be focusing on. Because it’s here where the biggest potential long-term profits lie.

But the biggest returns will go to those with a big-picture strategy…

You may be completely new to the crypto game…

Or you may already be a stakeholder…

In other words, you can see very well that digital currencies will be native to the financial system in less than 10 years. And indeed, that cryptos are just one part of a much bigger transformation taking place. But you’re looking at ways to solidify your exposure right now, while there’s still massive uncertainty, volatility, and headwinds against this movement…

Here are the sections…

ONE:          GET IN: HERE’S HOW
For non-crypto holders: A sensible strategy for easing into this market — regardless of price levels…

Three ways Ryan Dinse is using his own money to generate income no matter what crypto prices are doing…

Listed companies building the infrastructure of the new decentralised finance game — these discounted stocks could be household names in 10 years…

Noticed gold’s steady price climb? Thanks to blockchain tech, old money’s about to intersect with new money — here are two clever ‘mine-to-token’ ways to play it.


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