Rick Rule Reveals His Top 3 Commodities Right Now

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There’s a good reason Rick Rule controls the US arm of the $9.9 billion Sprott resource investment fund.

Rick’s been through several commodity cycles in his 40-year career.

He can spot the companies doomed to die in a savage bear market.

More importantly, he knows how to recognise the stocks that will come out best when the inevitable new boom explodes out of the routine bust.

In 1998, when no other investor was brave enough, Rick bought into a Western Australian company called Paladin Energy for 10 cents.

Eight years later, Paladin was worth $10.

In this 10-minute video, Rick Rule tells Daily Reckoning subscribers the three commodities he personally thinks provide the best investment opportunities going into 2015.

Rick explains why he believes these three resources will lead the next up cycle.

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