Special Interview: Hear What Jim Rickards Has to Say Right Now

Special Interview: Hear What Jim Rickards Has to Say Right Now

I have a unique weekend edition for you today.

Earlier in the week, there was a multi-country Skype call.

Myself here in London. My publisher James Woodburn in Melbourne. And Jim Rickards from his self-sufficient farm in New England.

This is possibly the most important interview you will watch all week.

The crisis we’re seeing is something Jim has not only called years in advance…but it’s something he and I have been preparing and positioning for, for quite some time now.

While we are under both physical and economic lockdown, as of today the stock markets remain open, but how long will that last?

It’s one of the many questions for Jim.

The whole point of what Jim and I do over at Strategic Intelligence Australia, is try to keep you two steps ahead.

That’s really what Jim has been doing for the last decade in his books.

So, in the spirit of trying to stay two steps ahead, listen now as Jim and I discuss if we are on track for the great money reset he sees coming…and what the world may look like afterwards…

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PS. Jim suggests a variety of possible protection measures. They are outlined in this brand-new Financial Pandemic Shelter report.

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