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James Woodburn

James Woodburn

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While I have you here, there’s something else I think you should know.

There’s a good chance you may have heard of one of our regular contributors here at The Daily Reckoning Australia.

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards

His name is Jim Rickards.

I won’t delve deep into his storied biography here. He’s a prolific writer and ex-Pentagon adviser who has held several senior roles in key financial institutions.

Suffice to say: When big tectonic shifts have taken place in the world over the last 40 years, Jim Rickards tends to get hit up for advice.

Well, now he has some new advice…

Jim has published at least seven books.

He has a new one out. But this one is very different.

It’s called The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World.

It contains SPECIFIC strategies for surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world, advising you on:

  • YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO: Jim Rickards’ predictive analytic view for all asset markets for the rest of 2021 and 2022. And a six-component, precise portfolio allocation based on Jim’s forecasts.
  • YOUR SPECIFIC STOCK INVESTMENTS: Countries, indexes and specific sectors that could thrive…or stagnate…in the Long COVID Decade.
  • YOUR WEALTH EXPANSION PLANS: One-in-100-year wealth opportunities that might arise in the post-pandemic world.
  • YOUR COMING WAR WITH THE TAXMAN: Expect a barrage of new taxes from Canberra, desperately chasing new revenue sources…but there are strategies you can put in place to protect yourself…
  • YOUR GOLD SECURITY BLANKET: Why the 2020s could see a gold bull market that makes the history books…how Australian investors should approach this…and one specific, left-field investment that lets you leverage further price rises…
  • YOUR FUTURE IN A PANDEMIC-RAVAGED GLOBAL ECONOMY: Years of low growth, geopolitical chaos, and monetary intervention on a HUMONGOUS scale are near certainties. As is a ‘New Great Depression’. Which is why you need to be acutely forward-leaning to avoid lost wealth and lost opportunities…

You’ll find all this and much more in the exclusive Australian edition of THE NEW GREAT DEPRESSION: WINNERS AND LOSERS IN A POST-PANDEMIC WORLD.

Because of our personal association with Jim, Daily Reckoning Australia readers can get access to an exclusive Australian bonus chapter.

It’s called:

Long COVID Decade Australia: What comes next, how to prepare’. 

This chapter is full of Australia-centric forecasts and investment strategies. You won’t find this edition in any bookstore, online or old-fashioned, anywhere on Earth.

We’ve got it to ourselves — for YOU.

The original book is a must-read for any concerned investor right now. In the United States, it has already fast-become a Wall Street Journal bestseller, a national bestseller and a Newsmax number one new release.

But the new, EXCLUSIVE Australian edition may well be worth its weight in gold to you.

Dr Randy Tobler, who has been named one of the ‘Best Doctors in America’, hosts the popular Randy Tobler Show. He correctly says of The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World:

‘It’s rare we have such a compact, accurate, concise and chock-full of information history written so proximate to great world-changing events.’

The Financial Times calls it a ‘bracing collection of salvos and boutades — also one with many genuine insights, which make it an enjoyable book to argue with. Let’s just hope that the next 30 years are less bleak than Mr Rickards expects.

The New Great Depression is part history, part prophecy.

It offers insights into the strange years ahead…a ‘Long COVID Decade’.

Most importantly, you’ll find it’s a compendium of advice for investors who want to make their way through the COVID-damaged landscape ahead.

There’s nothing out there remotely like it right now.

It may even be that the unique Australian edition of The New Great Depression turns out to be the single most important book you read in 2021.

I’m sure you’ll see why I make that claim when you’re only a few pages in.

To learn more about The New Great Depression, click here.

Speak soon,

James Woodburn,
Publisher, The Daily Reckoning Australia