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5 Gold Investments to Make Now

Shae Russell

Shae Russell

Welcome to The Daily Reckoning Australia.

Shae Russell here. I’m the editor.

While I have you here, there’s something else I think you should know.

I believe there is something critical that very few people are talking openly about regarding the current COVID-19 emergency.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably waiting anxiously for the lockdown to be lifted…hoping you can resume your life as normal.

But I’m not entirely sure what ‘normal’ is going to look like.

A look at the past suggests that once this is over…the financial world will become even more fragile and unstable.

That’s not because of the virus itself, but because of the extraordinary actions countries around the world — including Australia — have taken to fight it.

To understand just how extreme things are, consider that immediately after the global financial crisis, the US Federal Reserve pumped $1.75 trillion into the economy.

Now, it’s putting $1 trillion PER DAY into the ‘repo’ market alone.

Or consider the fact that our government has allocated nearly $200 billion to fight the virus, equivalent to around 10% of Australia’s GDP.

In other words…

The fragility we saw in 2008 hasn’t gone away… In fact, it’s gotten worse.

It’s been papered over with cheap credit…money printing…and boatloads of debt.

And the only way to keep it from collapsing is — you guessed it — MORE OF THE SAME.

More credit.

Lower interest rates.

More money printing.

More interference in the economy.

It is the only answer the authorities have left.

And it has major consequences for us all.

Put simply, we’re living through the most extreme intervention in the financial markets in history.

And it is going to have consequences.

We will all feel them. But very few people will truly understand them. In fact, I think most people will be scared and confused about what comes next.

Because here’s the number one most important insight you need to understand at times like this:

Though we’ve never seen intervention on this scale before…

We HAVE seen three distinct times in history when something like this has occurred…

First, in the Great Depression…

Second, in the 1970s following the Vietnam War…

And third, immediately after the banking crisis in 2008.

Each panic varied. But they’ve always led to the same thing…

A huge intervention in the economy — in the form of stimulus, money printing and large-scale bailouts…

All of which ultimately sent the price of gold through the roof

Given the chaos we’re seeing in the markets and the rampant money printing from just about every central bank in the world…

…I believe there’s never been a better time than right now to load up on gold and a handful of specific gold investments.

That’s why I’ve put it all into a brand-new report called: ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

This report — which I can send to you today — contains my specific gold investing plan to help you make the most of this anticipated bull market, before it gets into full swing.

In it, you’ll find five high-potential gold investment recommendations that could potentially do really well — in the event of a COVID-19-induced major run-up in the gold price.

They include…

  1. A small-cap gold exploreron the verge of turning an old 500,000-ounce site into a 1.8 million-ounce site in WA. Mining legend Eric Sprott recently dumped nearly two million bucks of his own money into this firm, such is its awesome potential…
  2. A mid-cap producerthat just started pouring gold — also out in WA. This company is sitting on a confirmed 3.9 million-ounce resource — so its growth prospects look great in a bull market. But it also happens to be one of Australia’s cheapest gold miners, currently…
  3. A big gold producerthat’s actually EXPLORING. This is a big deal. Most big gold miners leave the exploring to the little guys these days. But this Kalgoorlie-based miner has big plans…and already its gold reserves are up 32% after last year through exploration. If this continues, the company’s share price could rise very nicely in the next two years…
  4. A well-known large-cap Aussie gold minerthat pays a DIVIDEND… It’s one of the few that does, which is noteworthy enough. But I love this stock because not only is it one of the biggest gold miners in the world, it’s currently cashed up, has low costs, is on the lookout for takeover targets, and its share price has been beaten down recently, making it an absolute bargain right now, in my book…
  5. An ETF that tracks the gold price in Aussie dollars… Why not US dollars, you ask? Because the AUD has been so weak recently, any rise is likely to be higher and faster in response to the underlying asset price than a USD-based ETF. If you’re just looking to get quick exposure to a rising Aussie dollar gold price, this is the ETF you want.

I’m biased, of course. And I admit there are no guarantees. Gold stocks are risky and volatile.

But I truly think the strategy I discuss in this report is a terrific way for someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge or time to take an informed position ahead of the anticipated gold rush that I believe now looks inevitable.

To find out how to claim your copy of ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’, click here.

Speak soon,


Shae Russell,
Editor, The Daily Reckoning Australia