The 3 Market Themes to Watch in 2019

The 3 Market Themes to Watch in 2019

In case you weren’t paying attention, 2018 was an exciting year in the markets—full of twists and turns.

Welcome back to the DR as we tackle the markets in 2019.

While the financial markets are still quiet, Shae Russell, Editor of The Daily Reckoning Australia, brings to you her top three themes for the market this year.

Shae’s top three themes for the market this year are…

The Market Trigger for Gold

World’s #1-ranked gold expert reveals why 2019 could be your last chance to buy gold at this ‘bargain’ price

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In this video Shae discusses:

The looming US dollar shortage for 2019.

Will the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates?

Is the gold bull market finally here?