The Liberal World Order

The Liberal World Order

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur:

The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.

The US media is privately owned. But it acts as an arm of the US government…which is an arm of the Entire Elite Establishment (EEE, aka the ‘liberal world order’).

No surprise. Reporters go to the same schools, read the same newspapers, and believe the same things as Washington’s movers and shakers. They are not intentional propagandists; they just see the world in the same way.

So they generally accept the whole agenda — equity, decarbonisation, racism, financial manipulation, military adventurism, neutral pronouns etc. — of the ‘liberal world order’. In other words, they become cheerleaders for the powerful EEE, not critics of it.

Never has this been clearer than reporting on the war between Russia and Ukraine. The war is nothing remarkable. Russia insists that Ukraine remain a neutral buffer between itself and NATO. Ukraine — lured and spurred by the US — doesn’t want to do that.

The whole brouhaha should be of little interest to the average American. His problems are here at home — such as US$5 a gallon gasoline — and they are being made worse by US sanctions.

But every headline insists that he take an interest. And they tell him which side to support. Ukrainians are noble freedom-lovers (rarely are its neo-Nazis mentioned) and the Russians are brutes. Putin is compared to Hitler. The Russian army is accused of dastardly war crimes, etc. Last week, one ‘news’ item even featured an adorable stray puppy that had attached himself to a Ukrainian military unit. Are there no puppies among the Russians? Apparently not.

Much of the coverage is just puffery and claptrap. Some stories are actual lies — the Russians did not attack a nuclear reactor…Miss Ukraine is not actually fighting for her country. And some delicious details are hardly noticed; Zelenskyy really is a former clown/comedian who got elected after playing a teacher on TV who got elected president! Life imitates art…especially when the art is (allegedly) funded by George Soros.

But little attempt is made to observe, study, or understand. Instead, the ‘liberal world order’ is on the field itself. Zelenskyy leads the home team. And the American media…along with the public, as gullible as ever…puts on its jerseys and flies its colours.

McUnhappy deal

You can fool most people most of the time. And that’s plenty for government work. People want to be fooled. That’s what politicians, with their empty-headed jackassery, depend on. And corporate chiefs, Wall Street heavies, and Hollywood celebrities join in too…and share the glory of the winning team.

Leonard DiCaprio said he has sent money to Ukraine. McDonald’s shut down its business in Russia. Wall Street is pulling out too. Business Insider:

Goldman Sachs is shutting down its operations in Russia, becoming the first major US bank to do so.

The company said the move was “in compliance with regulatory and licensing requirements.”

From the UK comes word that fans may not even be able to watch a soccer match. Because the team’s owner is Russian. Bloomberg’s Matt Levine is on the story:

The U.K. froze the assets of Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, as Boris Johnson’s government dramatically stepped up its sanctions against prominent Russians over the invasion of Ukraine.

Abramovich and six others face a full asset freeze and travel ban, and are prohibited from transacting with U.K. citizens or businesses, the Foreign Office said in a statement Thursday. The move effectively derails Abramovich’s plan to sell Chelsea, which plays in England’s highest soccer league, and raises major questions about the future of the club.

Chelsea won’t be able to sell new tickets for matches, including games in the European Champions League, and the club’s merchandise stores will be closed. Player transfers are banned, as are new contracts.

Speaking of sanctions…

Even Switzerland is giving up a foreign policy that has served it well for centuries — neutrality — in order to pile on. The Swiss had protected American oil and metals trader Marc Rich for almost two decades after he was accused of dealing with Iran (among other things). Legal scholars at Harvard and Georgetown later concluded that he had committed no crime; they advised Bill Clinton to pardon him, which he did. But henceforth, oligarchs, dictators, traders…Christians or Jews — none can depend on Switzerland to shield them from the long arm of the ‘liberal world order’.

Yes, dear reader, sanctions work! Look at what they are doing to Afghanistan. USA Today:

As a result of all this economic disruption, including the loss of billions of dollars of aid, 22.8 million people — more than half the population — are facing acute food insecurity. They include a million children under 5 “at risk of dying due to severe acute malnutrition,” according to UNICEF.

It is not clear why the Biden administration has imposed such devastating sanctions on Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Chinese look on. Tom Friedman believes they have a simple choice. They can stick with Putin. Or they can join the ‘Western’ coalition against him. Seeing the awesome firepower of our weaponised money system, he thinks they will buckle under:

There are signs that China recognizes some of these new realities — that no country is too big to be canceled in the wired world.

Get it? The end of history. No country can stand against the ‘liberal world order’. The wired world has been levelled after all.

And yet, the media never even asks the basic question: what does the fight between Ukraine and Russia matter to Americans? Why are we so keen to expand the ‘liberal world order’ onto the Eurasian steppes? What’s it really all about?

Or, to put it more provocatively, and borrowing from Country Joe and the Fish who asked the same question about the War in Vietnam, ‘it’s one, two, three…what are we fightin’ for?’.

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