The Mountain of Lies Threatens to Topple Over Anytime

The Mountain of Lies Threatens to Topple Over Anytime

2021 has been a year in which even conspiracy theorists would say reality played out in ways wilder than their wildest theories.

The mainstream media would have you believe that these people are unhinged. After all, don’t question those who bring you the facts. They even offer you their sage advice on how to think and retort to those who entertain wild ‘conspiracy theories’.

They say it themselves like this

And this

However, the thin veneer of the mainstream media’s coherence and grasp of reality is fast falling apart.

When reality overtakes media lies

The global uprising against governments, pharmaceutical companies, medical research communities, and health officials is fast showing to be more than a fringe minority of anti-vaxxers and far-right extremists. The masses protesting in the streets are much greater than the numbers from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and social justice movements. The media has trouble containing their stories, especially when people of all ages, nationalities, occupations, and political leanings are coming together to take a stand.

Secondly, the Russian collusion narrative that the Democrats and the mainstream media pushed for five years turned out to be a political hoax. Those who pushed it face criminal indictments issued by US Special Counsel John Durham. Despite this, many journalists are attempting to run cover stories claiming that President Trump is a Russian spy. Leading journalists who covered this story received the Pulitzer Prize.

Well, this might seem a bit ho-hum, right?

Don’t forget how Walter Duranty won the Pulitzer Prize covering the Soviet Union and covering up the horrors of the Holodomor by dictator Josef Stalin. Then you also have the Pulitzer Prize awarded to Nikole Hannah-Jones, who wrote about how the founding of the United States is based on a racist plan called The 1619 Project. Her claims are now discredited under the premise of false historical narratives.

Oh, how about the US election last year that the media repeatedly claims as the ‘most fair and secure election’?

A year on, and now more than 55% of US voters actually question the results. Several investigations are under way in the swing states. The findings have been damning. There are now recommendations that election county officials should face arrests and charges in Wisconsin. Forensic audit results in Arizona have also found a vast amount of questionable votes. The State Attorney-General is now reviewing these findings and is yet to release his response.

The media has largely tried to focus on cherry-picking these findings, sticking to their narrative that there are no changes in who is sitting in the White House.

Even more interesting is that former President Donald Trump has openly invited the Democrats and the media to publicly debate him on the evidence regarding the election.

This may sound wild to you. After all, you may ask how can they change what happened last year? This seems too wild a thought to entertain.

Perhaps that is why Trump has not received any takers to this offer.

I don’t believe, though, that is the end of the matter.

Remember, it is 2021 after all. Nothing is impossible.

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The entire house of cards is falling apart rapidly

If you are feeling that the world is on the brink of something big, you are not alone.

The lies that many read about are unravelling fast.

You have also seen it with the central bankers talking about the state of the economy, fooling the public into believing that inflation will go away soon.

Then they said it would be gone by end of this year, then ‘til the end of 2022…and later.

Now, the Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has said that it’s time to retire the word ‘transitory’ from inflation.

Funny that, since he was the first to use this word. Now he is walking back on it.

This is yet another example of how these people are losing the plot.

How so?

Even blind Freddy can tell things have totally gone bonkers.

I am seeing petrol stations selling 98 Premium fuel at more than $2 a litre in many parts of Sydney. Several stores have raised prices on their goods and services significantly in recent months.

If my intuition serves me correctly, I expect that the central banks will scramble to raise rates to curb the runaway inflation.

But as my colleague Greg Canavan said in The Insider on Monday, this is too little too late.

After all, monetary policy is like pushing on the string.

I suspect, though, it is more than that.

It is not a stretch to say that central banks raising rates could cause the financial markets to crash. It happened in February and December 2018.

As financial markets teeter at the brink, focus on protecting your wealth and your sources of income.

The way to stand your ground against this onslaught of coercion and idiocy from the governments, public health authorities, and ‘big pharma’ is financial independence.

An asset that has a proven track record to withstand an inflationary economy is gold. There are two ways to play this in our current environment.

The first is to have some gold (bullion bars or coins) as an insurance against the market, should it crash because the central banks raise rates into a fragile asset market.

The second is to speculate in gold mining companies that could deliver profits against the falling market.

God bless,

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