The synchronised growth story comes to an end

The synchronised growth story comes to an end

The entire developed world is booming, I wrote in June last year.

All major G7 countries are currently expanding.

Even Japan is seeing some economic growth.

Never before in modern economics have all major developed economies and emerging markets expanded at the same time.

The Economist said that the only countries expected to see their economies shrink in 2018 were Venezuela, Puerto Rico, North Korea and Equatorial Guinea.

That’s it. Only four countries aren’t going to see their gross domestic product grow.

At any other time in history, some countries expand while others contract.

Check it out:

Entire world grows together in 2018

Source: The Economist

The near decade-long economic expansion is unprecedented.

And guess what?

The synchronised expansion is turning into a synchronised contraction.

The interconnectivity of the global markets means a slowdown in any pocket of the globe will reach us like never before.

As Jim points out today, the simultaneous global economic growth of 2018 is ending.

And, just as global economies rose together…turns out they are going to all tumble at the same time.

Now, read on for Jim’s analysis.

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