The unknown power stealing gold

The unknown power stealing gold

Gold risks remain skewed to the upside’ was the headline I read on one of my gold-focused news sites earlier this morning.

My eyes rolled so hard into the back of my head I can’t believe there isn’t permanent damage.

I mean, really. Nothing about that sentence is useful.

‘Skewed’ and ‘upside’ are just fancy ways of saying ‘moving higher’.

That sentence isn’t useful. It’s just an example of more jargon to confuse people.

It’s meaningless claptrap.

Furthermore, that headline was attached to the top of an article that looked at the minute-by-minute price movements of gold overnight.

That’s great for someone like me who analyses every tick of physical gold…but not much good for you as an investor.

When it comes to understanding the gold market, one thing investors should remember is that any money put into gold is about the long-term trend. Not the minute-by-minute moves.

More importantly, when you get caught up in day-to-day price movements, it’s easier to miss the real events driving the precious metals market.

For that reason, I’m sharing some of Jim Rickards’ insights with you.

Now, normally what you see below is reserved for Strategic Intelligence Australia subscribers.

What Jim highlights today is shaping the decade-long outcome for gold.

Daily commentary on which miner is buying out another isn’t contributing to the gold price.

No. The gold price moves are much bigger than that.

Setting the stage for the gold market are the behind-the-scenes moves from central banks worldwide.

And that’s what you should be paying attention to when it comes to gold.

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