Threats to the US Dollar Mount…

Threats to the US Dollar Mount…

The death of the use dollar is looming…

That’s a dramatic phrase, isn’t it?

While that may get your attention, it’s important to realise that the demise of the US dollar won’t happen overnight.

Currencies don’t work like that.

Rather, when I use those phrases, it’s about warning you to prepare for a monumental shift.

King Dollar has reigned since the aftermath of the Second World War…

…yet the dominance of the greenback will probably endure for another decade or two.

Nonetheless, there are small events in the background that are slowly eroding that power.

As Jim explains in his recent article here, Russia is taking steps to end their reliance on the US dollar payments system…but the US dollar isn’t going to crumble overnight.

In fact in the short term, we can expect the US dollar to get stronger as a way to support other economies…

And investors that catch onto trends early, put themselves in a position to protect their wealth.

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