What Aussies Don’t Get — There’s No Point Fighting Over Toilet Paper

What Aussies Don’t Get — There’s No Point Fighting Over Toilet Paper

We’re going to veer off course a little today.

See, I was in the middle of putting together a recap of my first ever live Bullion & Bourbon Hour last night.

That is, an event exclusive to a select group of subscribers of Rock Stock Insider.

The chance to ask questions during a live podcast with me and my publisher.

Of course, the goal was to talk all things bullion…

The bourbon is because that’s my favourite tipple.

The point of the Bullion & Bourbon Hour is to share some of the information that doesn’t make it to print. I speak to many, many people. And there’s only so much you can fit in these pages…

In saying that, the recap of the event can wait.

Today, I have a much more pressing message for you.

If comes from your weekend editor, Nick Hubble, who works alongside Jim Rickards over at Strategic Intelligence Australia.

Nick’s job is simple. To make sense of the global events Jim writes about and then explain how they may impact Australians.

In yesterday’s update though, things got personal.

See, Nick’s not from around here.

He arrived as a kid in the early 2000s from Germany. Since finishing uni, he’s become a citizen of the world.

In the past few years alone, he’s made a home in Japan, Germany, Singapore, Australia, and London. And I think I’m forgetting about the many months he resided in some remote tropics…

The thing is, having spent his formative years here, Nick understands Aussies, but thinks with a truly international perspective.

And that’s what makes his writing today so important.

Here are Aussies fighting over the last scrap of toilet paper — I’m down to my last roll by the way — and Nick points out that because of our perception gap, we are possibly facing more economic risk than any other developed economy.

I urge you to take the time to hear what Nick has to say today.

Until next time,

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